No, I’m not going to talk about a website. is a name of a dvd movie which I’ve watched at Nawaday cinema on Tuesday.

I’ve heard about this movie from a friend and had been wanting to watch it. The lead actor is Sai Sai and the director is Mg Myo Min so I thought it might be good. My mother was against us watching it from the beginning. She said she rather eat something good than watch Sai Sai movie. I should have listen to her 😦

The plot isn’t that much different from previous works of Mg Myo Min such as Rose Wine, Rose Cola and That Ta Ma Myauk Yin Khone Tan (I don’t know how to translate that, 7th Heart Beat?). It’s the usual story of guy trying to get the girl who is trapped under the control of her parents or brothers in this case.

Daewa (Sai Sai) and Chit Chit (Yadanar Pone) are lovers. Chit Chit’s brother, Mone Dine (Pho Kyaw) doesn’t like Daewa ‘cuz he’s a rapper and Mone Dine is a rocker. (Yeah, right all he did to portray himself as rocker is to wear all black and cowboy boots and hang rock singers’ posters in his room. But Sai Sai’s side is pretty much the same also, wear baggy pants & shirts, hang hip-hop singers’ posters on the wall and sing some rap songs on stage.)

So he forbids his sister from seeing Daewa. When Thingyan comes, Mone Dine and Daewa set up mandats, one’s a rocker mandat, another a hip-hop mandat. During the Thingyan era, Daewa and his friend Kyaw Su Soe (sorry, didn’t really catch his name in the movie) tried every day to get to see Chit Chit by tricking her brothers and friends. They disguised themselves so that others won’t recognize them. On the new year day, Daewa disguised himself as a granny and run away Chit Chit with him while others are busy washing the elders’ hairs.

So, you might be thinking…what does this have to do with ThiGyarMin?

The movie started off with a screen which showed windows starup, logging into Bagan and opening IE and entered the address in the Google search bar. I was saying to myself that it’s so stupid to write down an address of a website in a search engine box when you already know the address. I know the reason why it was done like that later ‘cuz suddenly the Google logo disappeared and the movie titles were showed instead where the logo used to be.
In the end of the movie, a screen was show where Mone Dine wrote to ThiGyarMin on the home page of Google (yes…that’s how it was shown) saying that ThiGyarMin should arrest Daewa for stealing his sister and ThiGyarMin replied that since this case is need to be research carefully, I’ll decide what to do next year.

The lessons learned from this movie is
1) Rockers and Rappers don’t get along.
2) One can always disguise yourself to see your girlfriend even when they are many people surrounding her.
3) In the end, the girl will run away with her boyfriend and that’s the end of the story.

I went to see this movie, knowing it’ll sucks ‘cuz Sai Sai’s the lead but still I wanted to watch it ‘cuz it’s a comedy. I did laugh at the movies but I was falling asleep most of the times. I can barely hear the sound in the theater and it doesn’t help when the story is lame. I hate fake Thingyan. I was hoping to see something that is related to Thingyan but all I see is people jumping around on the stage while others are singing raps. Why do all these people need to be on stage when they aren’t singing anyway? And it sure got on my nerves when I see some girls dressed in jeans, stopped Mone Dine’s car on the new year day to ask for donation. This is the first time I ever see girls asking for donation with jeans on. I’m not saying girls can’t wear jeans but it just doesn’t match with the scene at all. One person is dressed in Myanmar shirt & longyi and the rest are in jeans.

I know I’m watching a Myanmar movie so I should expect typical background sounds and typical lame jokes in the movies but I really hate them. I hate those sounds which you hear in a funny scene or those lame jokes that you see in every comedy movies.

What I like about this movie is the makeup disguise for Sai Sai & Kyaw Thu Soe. I didn’t recognize Sai Sai at first when he was disguised as an Indian plumber. I also thought that something was wrong with the granny who were sitting among the other elders and that was ‘cuz the granny was Sai Sai.

I will never watch any Thingyan movies/ videos again except for Thingyan Moe.


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