Yesterday I woke up early and started doing my laundry after I ate breakfast. Although I started early, I didn’t finish till 1 pm probably ‘cuz I was watching Shinhwa Tropical Concert while waiting for the clothes to get soak with soap. After I ate lunch, I took a shower and went to my uncle’s house to drop off some vegetables. I ate some butter rice there although I ate lunch already but I couldn’t resist eating it after seeing the fried nga pi kyaw. Their fried nga pi kyaw tastes really good. Afterward, I went to my cousin’s house nearby and made plan with her to go shopping at the start of the month. I was planning to go to Sai Sai album promotion event but I won’t have time for that and I want to do some shopping without my mother. I guess I’ll have to ask my sister to go and buy the cds for us. We’ll need to buy 2 cds to get the tickets for his birthday show at Hmaw Si Island. The first 300 who bought the cds will get the tickets.

Anyway, back to the subject, I went to Ice Youth library to return the books I rented 2 weeks ago. I can rent 2 books ‘cuz I’m a Member C. If I was younger, I could have finish reading in one week and borrow new books but now I don’t have much time to read books. I rented “The Bourne Supremacy” and “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” last time but I didn’t finish any of the books. I got bored with reading. This time, I didn’t take much time to search books at the library ‘cuz I found two books by Michael Crichton, “Prey” and “Sphere”. I will probably finish both books since I like the author.

Later in the evening, I worked on some icons after getting some colorization guide from a girl from deviantart. I can’t believe that people younger than me are so creative. That girl is only 14 and yet her artwork are so better than mine. I have a long way to go to success in the making on beautiful icons which I see on soompi artworks.

You can check out her artworks and tutorial at

These are the ones I did yesterday. I don’t have much recent pics at home and I can’t help working on Eun Hye ‘cuz she looks so great in her pictures and goofy also.

As for pic 5 & 6, I got a bit bored with working on the pretty faces. I’m thinking of using no 5 as my avatar 🙂

I only did a few other pics, 2 Da Hae and 1 Dennis. I need to get more picture of Da Hae from online.


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