Armed Force Day Holiday @ Home

Since yesterday was Armed Force Day, I got to rest another day at home. On that day, I spent most of my times using the computer to create a few icons and watch dramas and movies. Times surely passed by when you are working on an icon, even through I was just following the examples from the tutorials. I continued watching Kimi Wa Petto drama to ep 8 and then skip to ep 10 ‘cuz I was curious about the ending. As I predicted, the main lead actors and actress got together but I didn’t like that fact that Momo didn’t continue studying at Frankfurt. If this was a Korean drama, he would probably have gone there and come back 3 years later ‘cuz there’s always separation between the two lovers in a happy ending drama.After I finished Kimi Wa Petto (I still need to finishing the episodes I skipped), I watched Lovely Complex. I’m so glad that I watched this movie. It’s so kawai (means cute in Japanese). I think Tommy said in forum that if this movie was to be remade in Myanmar, she wants Ye’ Lay and Moe Hay Ko as the lead but I prefer Yadanar Pone ‘cuz she’s much cuter. I don’t like Myanmar movies copying from Asian movies but it’ll be fun to see this in Myanmar version but I doubt that this will ever be remade (even if they think about it) ‘cuz in the movie, the girl confessed her love to the guy and it’s like taboo here to do that. The actress reminds me of Han Ji Hye and Lee Da Hae sometimes in a cute way.

In the evening as I’m writing this blog now (I write it ahead ‘cuz I might not have time when I’m working), my cousin turned on MRTV4 and I heard Ye’ Lay’ song so I rushed to the TV and there was an interview with him. He was always smiling in the interview and it’s not fake, they were natural smiles. I wonder if he’s like that all the time. But I don’t like the interviewer ‘cuz she was sitting so close to Ye’ Lay that their knees are touching (and I’m not saying that ‘cuz I’m jealous or anything). I think this is a bit old, around the time he released his 2nd album. He talked a bit about his stage show experience at Mya Yeik Nyo which made him and his mom cry ‘cuz he only got to perform at 1 am in the morning. When asked about what he plans to do for the music, he said I planned on taking some times off to focus on song writing. Later, he said he’s interested in both music and acting and the interviewer asked him which he prefers to do ‘cuz he said that he was gonna focus on music. That’s when he laughed again and said he’s interested in both and planned to work hard in both categories. He said he’s not satisfied with his current position and he’s gonna work hard to gain more success. Ye’ Lay. Fighting!


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