Angel Live Show

I bought Angel Concert vcd from a pirate shop on my way back home. I didn’t want to buy pirate vcds but I wasn’t so sure about the quality of the vcd and I wanted to sample it before I buy the actual one. I’m so glad I didn’t buy the original version. This is the worst concert I’ve ever watched. It’s not because of the performances but the camera angles are that great and it wasn’t done neatly. I don’t know how to explain this but the best live show concert I’ve watched is Nge Chit Oo and A Lwan Yae’ Nya. You might say they are fake concerts, not real live show but the camera shots are better.

When that concert took place, I asked my brother to go there and shoot some videos with our camera. I was able to watch a couple of performances before the vcd got out. I think our version of Sai Sai’s performace is better than the one from the vcd. The vcd version sometimes lost focus on the singers and they are focusing more on the dancers whose dance steps really sucks. If you think shaking your butt will make you look sexy, so be it. They look more like poor imitation of western dancers who portray sexy dances.

There aren’t much to comment on the rest of the performances ‘cuz most of them are dubbed with studio recorded version so they don’t sound nothing like from the live show unless you count hearing the fan shouting at the end of some performances. I can defiantly tell by DBeez’s performance ‘cuz they sounded terrible in the fancam video my brother recorded. He was the only one in the crowd who was recording the show except for the camera men and although I can’t see him in the crowd, I can see our camera in almost every performance 🙂 I said to him, Hey Look. you are in the live show and he was trying to spot himself but all he can see was the camera 😀

Anyway, back to the performances, I already like all songs except for Kyo Kyar & Cindy song (which was so boring) from disc 1 so I enjoy all the performances. Ye’ Lay just sang a soft ballad/ rap and he doesn’t look nice in that big black coat. I don’t know why rappers have to imitate western rappers’ clothing. Myanmar is a tropical country so you shouldn’t be wearing winter clothing at a stage show which must have been really hot at that time. (My brother said it was very hot at the show). The best performance is Window by J-me. I think his voice wasn’t edited over that much in the performance ‘cuz he sounded like he was singing live. I like the way he was rapping in the performance. My sister was surprised to see the word ‘weed’ not being censor in the karaoke title from the vcd. Perhaps the people from the censor board aren’t expect in English and rappers can get away with by saying words which sounds close to cussing in English. If they sing like that in Myanmar, they all got censor.

The other side of the disc (disc 2) contains rock, pop and alternative or whatever they call it songs and I think half of them are copy songs. Shin Phone copied a Chinese song (there’s an English version also to this song) and made it a sweet love song which disgusted me ‘cuz I like the original song and the original lyrics make more sense. I don’t like Khin Bone’s song but I like her hair style and her hair color matches so well with her skin. Sometimes I dream of dying my hair which color matches with my skin. I got that inspiration after seeing Amuro Namie. Khine Bone later performed the song Honey with Rebecca and Shin Phone. Shin Phone was wearing a mini dress over some black leggings which stop around her knees. I don’t really know why it’s a fashion to wear mini skirts, mini dresses over short tight pants in Yangon. Whenever I see someone wearing that, it reminds me of my elementary school. Little kids at that school also dressed like that at school at that time.


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