This Week

Yesterday my friend’s father passed away. I’m really sad to hear that. I went to the hospital with my mother and a friend to see him last month and he was doing better. He had to attend the hospital again so last week, my friend and my sister went there to visit him. I know I should have called her and should comfort her but I don’t know what to say and my mother called her to ask about the funeral. The funeral will be on Saturday. My mother said I don’t need to go and she’ll go with my sister. I know I should attend the funeral but I already made an appointment with another friend to meet on Saturday at work. Beside, I can be very emotional sometimes. The last time I went to a funeral last year, I almost cried ‘cuz I felt so sad although I didn’t know the person at all. When something good or bad happens to someone, I don’t know what to say to them. If it’s a good thing, I just say oh, it’s great…good for you. If it’s bad, I say I’m sorry to hear that. What else should I say? Others people might say oh, it depends on fate or karma but I am not familiar with those words so I just kept my mouth shut.

Yesterday was also a bad day for my aunt ‘cuz it was the funeral day for her baby. She passed away on Tuesday and when I heard about it, I thought it was the other child. I didn’t even know that my aunt had another baby. My father will be mad at me for being so ignorant if I say that to him. I am always ignorant about relatives from his side. My mother said even though she was just 1 year old, a lot of people came to the funeral. My grandmother who hardly cry at funerals cried ‘cuz she loves the baby. Everybody loves the baby but I didn’t even know she existed. I kinda of feel bad about it.


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