Last Day of Class

My Korean Basic I ended last Friday. I had to take a written exam on Wednesday and oral exam on Friday. I was nervous about the exams so I took a day off from work on Wednesday to study. I had been under some stress at work and it was better for me to study at home and then take the exam. Although I was studying the whole day, I did managed to watch the first episode of The Devil and I was gonna continue watching Witch Yoo Hee but my mother stopped and said I should be studying. I regretted not continuing watching the drama ‘cuz the exam was so darn easy except for listening. I thought it was gonna be hard so I was studying the whole grammar book but all I had to do was fill in the blanket. The listening exam was supposed to be easy if only I can hear the dialogues more clearly. It seemed that the teachers at UFL are still using old textbooks and cassette tapes.

On Friday, the teachers divided the class in half and I had to go to another classroom along with other students whose roll numbers are after 26. I was a bit nervous ‘cuz the teacher was asking other students why do you take the Korean class? Most of them answered that ‘cuz it’s interesting. Then he asked why is it interesting and others couldn’t answer him back ‘cuz they didn’t know the proper words. I was a bit lucky for my exam ‘cuz before my turn came up I asked the student next to me how to say “I want to speak Korean” and that’s what I answered when he asked why is Korean class interesting for you. The sentence wasn’t proper so he fixed it himself :). He asked me my age and I had to ask him to repeat it 2 times and finally I caught the word “Sar” which means age. The rest of the questions were much easier ‘cuz he asked me if I like Korean movies and of course I do and then he asked me which movie I like. I couldn’t answer him properly ‘cuz I didn’t study the adjective usage and I didn’t know the Korean title. I answered that I like King & the Clown. I’m surprised that that’s all I had to answer. I actually was wishing that he would asked me which movie I like or which actor I like the most as I was holding Lee Junki’s keychain in my hand before he called my name.

After everyone had taken the exam, there was some time left so he continued to teach a lesson from the text book. We asked him to teach us a song but he said he couldn’t find the song and there wasn’t enough time to write down the lyrics. Too bad, other classes were having fun singing songs and stuff and we had to continue learning on the last day of the class.

Now that exams are over and the class just ended, I’ll have free time to use the internet at work time is over. The next class won’t be open till May.


One thought on “Last Day of Class

  1. I understand you are a great Korean movie and perhaps music fan. Could you recommand me a couple of your favourite movies, I would try. But so far I don’t know where I can buy such films in London. Maybe ebay

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