Pissed Off Again

Today is the last day before my Thingyan holiday. I was having a good time, just listening to musc, working, and saving some tutorials. My brother came to my office after lunch and I thought he came to return the usb he took from me but no he said he needed some codecs so I copied them for him and he left without returning. I’ve been waiting for his return for 2 hours and finally I went to the office he was working and they said he left 2 hours ago. Damn it…I am getting sick of this. I don’t care if it’s work or not. I told him that I want to use my usb today. Why is that when I bought something or borrow something, everyone hogs it and I never have time to use them on my own. If I borrow a book, my sister will be reading it first.

I swear I am not going to stand this anymore. No more sharing among siblings. If they want it, they can buy it on their own.


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