Ye’ Lay J me Album Review

I bought Ye’ Lay and J me album on Sunday. I had been waiting for that album release ever since I saw the album cover photo at Native Myanmar forum. I wasn’t disappointed with the album. There are 9 songs in total, J me sang 5 songs and Ye’ Lay sang 4 songs. And again the total number of songs is 9. Ever since 9 Night was released, this is the third hip-hop album with only 9 songs. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Those people who aren’t satisfied with only 9 songs in J me’s solo album will be happy to hear these songs.


I like all songs by J me. The second song feature Bo Lay and the lyric book said he also sang in the fourth song but I don’t recognize his voice in that song. The fifth song 100 % Percent is sang in English and I’m surprised that it passed the censor board. Maybe it’s okay to curse in English but not okay to curse and use rude words in Myanmar.


I’m a bit disappointed to hear the first song by Ye’ Lay ‘cuz it’s just a regular mixed song between pop and r&b. My eyes were falling asleep while listening to that song and it only got wider on the second song. But I also didn’t like that song that much probably because of the chorus part and the way he sing hello. I like the rest of the songs by him. I think Chan Aye Win featured in the third song but I don’t recognize his voice. He performed that song with Chan Aye Win at his birthday show.


After I have listened to this collaboration album, I realized that I like J me more than Ye’ Lay.


I bought this album to show my support to both of my favorite singer and I suggest that you do the same also. I’m sure this album will be shared online and I’m also guilty for doing that ‘cuz I want to share them with my friends who are living aboard and unable to buy this album.


27 thoughts on “Ye’ Lay J me Album Review

  1. where i can get j me&ye lay songs book at singapore.i am j me pls help me.thank a lot to u describing about this page.i am not distrubing to you.but i need your help.if u can,pls send me”100%”song lyric.i really it.if u can help me,pls send to””.i hope,u will send me only this 100% lyric.

  2. hi ye’ lay!
    i want to gave you my suggestion.
    don’t you write the song about ” medical girl student”. i want you to write it and sing it.

  3. Okay, that’s it..I am getting tired of this.
    This is not an OFFICAL BLOG OF YE’ LAY NOR J-ME.
    I am just a fan of both of them and I don’t know them personally.
    If you want to send a personal message to them, try to mail them or something. STOP POSTING PERSONAL MESSAGES AT MY BLOG.

  4. Hello ye’ lay I’m Soe Lwin Aung. Do you play torncity? If you don’t, open google and type Then there will be many Torncitys, so open the first one. Then there will have (user name and password, and go down . There you will see SIGN UP NOW! Click it! Then answer all questions. next time if you play, type these username and password on the mail that i say at first.

    Thank you Ye’ lay and J’ me. I like your songs.My favourite DJ! Yahoo!

  5. Yo” J me အဆင္ေျပလား ဘာေခြေတြရိုက္ေနလဲ သီခ်င္းေခြအသစ္ေတြ ထြက္အံုးမလား

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