Complaints About Internet Connection

Lately I had been waking up early in the morning at 6:30 am even before my alarm clock starts to ring. Normally, I only get up at 7:10 am. So I’ve been arriving to work earlier even before 9 o’clock. That’s kinda good ‘cuz I get more chance to use the internet before work starts. The connection is extermely lousy. As soon as the clock turns to 12, the connection went down completely and I can barely surf the net afterward. I haven’t been able to keep up with forum and others stuffs due to it.

You might think I’m a drama download freak but it’s really annoying for me that I can’t download dramas from the net anymore ‘cuz of the connection. I can barely download from megaupload and sendspace. Only mediafire works for me. I had been relying on youtube to watch some dramas but now even youtube doesn’t work for me anymore. I can watch it online but I can’t download anything from there.

At least thank god that I can still use ‘cuz I can watch Proposal Daisakauen from there. I watched episode 6 last night and I felt really sad. I have downloaded up to episode 7 from there now and waiting for the rest of the episodes.


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