Not Exactly a Nice Weekend

It hasn’t exactly a nice weekend for me, at least on Saturday ‘cuz something got into my eye as I was sitting at the Rakhine Moat Tee shop and I had trouble with my eye which kept tearing up if I look longer. I couldn’t concentrate on anything so I couldn’t even watch TV nor read books. I was in a lousy mood afterward and I got scolded by my mother for throwing my clothes on to the floor ‘cuz I had intended to wash them the next day but she said she spent her times folding them neatly while cleaning my room. I really don’t like anyone to touch my things and I appreciate the help but she mixed up my new clothes with worn clothes so I got frustrated as the smell from the worn clothes got mixed up with the new ones. In the end, I had to wash most of them the next day. My mother suggested that I should get keep cleaning my eye with water and not rubbed it. She said I was stupid to rub it with my hand (but I was using tissues) and said I have no knowledge of health. She said the pain will be gone when I waked up the next day. I didn’t believe her but the pain was gone and I was able to open my eyes. The only problem was my eye looked like I was being punched in the eye. Oh, well. it’s better than not being able to see clearly.

I spent Sunday morning washing all of my clothes and all of them dried up in the afternoon due to endless sunshine. The electricity went out around 9 am and didn’t come till 1 pm. Later I learned that only some part of the neighborhood got power failure while the rest of them didn’t have power failure. I ate lunch quickly and watched Innocent Steps movie. It was my second time watching the movie and I still loves it. I feel like dancing while watching the movie but then I don’t even know how to dance. I think I might have cried a bit during my first time but I didn’t cried at all this time but I could hear my sister sniffing beside me. Sometimes I wonder whether I’ve changed a bit in emotions while watching films. I rarely cry watching them now. The last time I cried was when watching Crying Out Love in the Center of the World which was pretty sad.

In the evening, my mother took to to a shoe shop nearby and bought sandals for me and my sister. The design aren’t that bad and it fits for the rainy season. I was getting sick of wearing my old Adda sandals ‘cuz they don’t match with my clothes sometimes. I have a habit of wearing one shoe or sandal till it’s completely worn out and not suitable to wear anymore. The same goes for watches. I had this watch which my mother gave me and I had been wearing it for like 5 or 6 years. Now it’s broken and someone told me it’s gonna cost more to fix it than to buy a new watch. My mother gave me a new watch but I don’t like it ‘cuz I miss my old watch.

Anyway, back to the topic after I got home, the electricity is out so I spent my time reading Deception Point by Dan Brown, having dinner and then trying to translate the Korean story given by my teacher. I gave up halfway ‘cuz there are too many words which aren’t included in the pocket dictionary which I was using as that was the only Korean-English dictionary at home. I went back to reading Deception Point till the electricity comes back at 10:40 pm. I tried to find the Korean words using the dictionary I installed in the computer but still haven’t get back with much results. I’m going to just scan it with ocr and then translate it using online translation website.


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