My New Watch

This is the watch my father bought for me on Sunday. I went to downtown with him first but the watch stores he wanted to buy from was closed so we went to Cherry Oo. I didn’t take much time choosing the watch ‘cuz I just chose the one the sales girl showed me. It suited my purpose anyway. I just need a watch which is made out of steel and the numbers of the watch should be big enough for me to read easily. My mother and sister said my watch looked dull. My sister said it looked like some cheap watch. So much for the encouragement but I still like my watch. The “DM” on the watch stands for Dennis Martin but I don’t really know that brand. I’m not much into branded stuff anyway. I just want a nice watch which will last for at least 2 years.

While I was waiting for the phone call, I was trying to study for a mock test in my Korean class. But my sister invited her friend home and they were on the computer, playing music loudly so I couldn’t concentrate at all. I didn’t even feel like studying in the first place. I don’t know what I’m supposed to study. I didn’t know about the test till Wednesday. She told us what will be on the test on Wednesday which is to study back all the lessons she had taught. Luckily, I have already memorized most of them so I don’t need to worry about it. My Friday teacher didn’t come so I couldn’t ask her what might be on the test. Even if I didn’t pass this test, it doesn’t matter ‘cuz it’s not the actual exam.


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