Dongwan – Handkerchief

I watched Dongwan’s new music video last night. What I can say about the mv is that I won’t be watching it again unless I want a glimpse of Dongwan. It’s pretty boring. Dongwan is a cop and his partner is the lead actor from Hello God drama. I don’t remember his name. They were probably working as undercover agents and they found a girl in the trunk of a car. They rescued her and I guess she lives together with them. She fell in luv with the another guy. One day, the other guy got beat up pretty badly. So he went to see the boss and arrested him. They had a couple of fight but Dongwan won in the end. I thought it was gonna be a love triangle but it didn’t look like a love triangle. The song isn’t that catchy but it’s starting to get to me after repeating it over and over again. I guess the song is supposed to be sad but it doesn’t sound that much sad to me. His live performance will be aired on TV pretty soon. I’m looking forward to seeing his performances.


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