New Hair Style

I had a haircut on Tuesday evening after work at 12 Lone Tan. It’s at a small beauty saloon which started opening on that day. I probably was the first customer. Maybe that’s why I got discount. The lady washed my hair first and she applied shampoo on my hair for like 4 times. It really was a long process and maybe my hair was just too dirty. I even got bored while lying down on the sofa bed. After my hair was washed, she started cutting my hair. This time my hair is really short. I am pleased with this style except for the part of hair at front which kept getting in eye. I had to use a hairclip to keep it away from my eyes but that just ruins the hairstyle. I am thinking of making that front part shorter but I’m afraid that I’ll have to face the same thing again when that hair got longer after being cut. People said that I look younger with my new look and that’s the compliment I was searching for 🙂

I was thinking of going to a famous beauty salon at first ‘cuz I wanted my hairstyle to handled by a professional. My friend told me that if I go there, an assistant hairdresser would probably cut my hair since I am not a regular customer. The hairdresser from where I got my haircut used to work at that place and since she already has experiences from working at that salon, I decided to go to her place instead. I couldn’t believe that I only had to pay 2000 kyats for the service including hair washing. I didn’t go there ‘cuz that place is cheap but I guess she gave me a discount since I was a friend of SYM who is her regular customer.

I tried to take my picture to show my new hairstyle at my blog but I decided not to post it ‘cuz I scare myself after looking at the pictures I took with my camera. I hardly look nice in my pictures ‘cuz most of them are pictures of me frowning or looking silly while wearing glasses. I tried not to frown but I can’t help it ‘cuz when I took off my glasses, my eyes instantly focus on the camera and that’s when I started frowning. I usually look like I have an issue with the photographer in my photos. I am the kind of person who would give headaches to photographers who take those beauty photos or whatever you call them. I don’t’ waste my money trying to take those kind of photos anyway.

Maybe someday when somebody took my photo and if I look nice in it, I might post my photo here then.


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