Cheapest Cybercafe in Town

I heard from my friend that Soft Link cyber cafe is the cheapest cyber cafe in town ‘cuz it only charges 200 kyats per hour. She said she was so surprised for being asked to pay only 400 kyats for 2 hours she spent at the cafe. I used to go to Soft Link located on Bo Aung Kyaw Road but the cafe she went to is located near the Myanma Post Office. It’s probably a brunch cafe of Soft Link. Most cyber cafes charges 400 kyats per hour so 200 kyats is actually cheap. So if you happen to be around that area and feel like using the internet, you might as well check this place out. I’m not sure whether it’s the same price at Soft Link on Bo Aung Kyaw Road but I think the prices are the same there also.

3 thoughts on “Cheapest Cybercafe in Town

  1. mady june ssi, kamsa hamnida, will be in yangoon soon and will look up this cybercafe… thanks for doing the research

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