Ye’ Lay’s Home VCD Review

I know I’m way too late for this review but I’ve just got my pc back last night and I have been wanting to write this review ever since my sister bought the vcd. I noticed that not many people write reviews for Myanmar albums and vcds so maybe my review isn’t this late yet.

First of all, this vcd is directed by Zaw Ko Ko, Wine, Tint San, Ye’ Myint Thu and one video was directed by Ye’ Lay himself. His vcd features some new faces, some are bad at acting and some are not so bad. I can’t say I love this vcd but it’s not all so bad either. Beside, if I need something to laugh at, I can always just play this vcd. No, there aren’t any comic acts in here but some parts of the video are just so funny.

Alexandre Christine was the main sponser so there was some advertisements added in the vcd. What really annoyed me is that one of the video is actually shot to advertise the watches. More about that later.

I dont’ mean to diss Ye’ Lay but there are my real opinions, coming from a true fan of him. If a fan like me is saying these, what would others say about him?

The first track is “Shaut Ma Nyar Nae’ featuring Jenny, Violent Girl and Essential group. Essential group are the dancers. I don’t really like this video. I don’t like the way Jenny acts so smug. She’s of my fav new female artists and I don’t like her attitude in here. Ye’ Lay did a bit of dancing in here.

“Moe” is a video with a story plot. Ye’ Lay and May Thet Khine met on the road and he rescued her from being hit a little tree branch. The tree branch hit her umbrella. She must have fixed that umbrella ‘cuz they are using it later on. They fell in luv and play around in the rain. One day Ye’ Lay was holding an envelope in his hand and his face looked worried. Some girl fainted in front of him and he acted like he was seeing her in front of his gf so that she’ll hate him. He did that ‘cuz he got leukemia. And to prove that his nose started bleeding. He was in the hospital later and his friend shot videos of him gf and show them to him. He wanted to see her so he sneaked out of the hospital with a hat and a jacket as a disguise and took a taxi to her house. Humm. he must have some money in that jacket then for the taxi fare. His nose bled a small stream of blood on the way. He imagined that his gf will be very pleased to see him but when he got her house, he saw a whiteboard announcing the girl death. And he just fell over and died. Not so tragic huh?

“Eain Pyan Chain” is one of the most boring video I’ve watched. Since the lyric is about not wanting to part with his gf and mentions taking a walk, all he and Yadanar do mostly is walk and walk. I skipped that video twice and only watched it till the end for this review.

“Nga Ko Pyaw Par (Tell Me)” is my favorite song on this album. This video featuring Uranium dance group who are claimed the best dancers in Myanmar. When the video started, I thought oh…this is not bad but I spoke too soon. The model girl, Zin Zin Zaw ruined the video. I am surprised that her main purpose in this whole video is just to stare. It might have been a better video if she was excluded. I like the background scenes in this video. I think this was shot way early in the morning. Ye’ Lay danced a bit here but just a bit. Well, I shouldn’t have been thinking about Minwoo when I was watching this.

“Main Kalay” video isn’t one of my favorite also. Gosh, Si Thu Lwin hairstyle is really bad. He should have lose that right after Thingyan was over. Ye’ Lay looked sick in here. He would have looked pretty cute if he didn’t look so pale. My brother said it’s because of the lighting. I don’t like seeing a black shade at the corners of the screen. I don’t think they were added on purpose. The model girl isn’t that bad here. She also just stare in the camera but at least she’s better.

“Lo At Chin” is my second fav track but this video is one of the video who makes me laugh. Zam Nuu voice is amazing but she shouldn’t have put her hair on her shoulder like that ‘cuz her hair is really frizzy. She also shouldn’t bend her body so much in front of the camera ‘cuz her body shape looks like a S shape. While she was screaming in the camera, Ye’ Lay moving his hands around in the background. I don’t know what the heck he’s doing. In this video, Ye’ Lay lives in a moving van and he’s breaking up with Pyei Phoo Khine so he sent all of the things she gave him back to her. There was a scene where he slide on the floor and hug her around the waist and it just cracks me up. I wonder how many NGs where shot to get that right. Whenever I listen to this song, I always compared with Sai Sai’s song “Why” as both songs featured the same female singer. I was kinda expecting the video to be as good as Sai Sai’s version so I was a bit disappointed.

“Ta Nae Nae Yauk Khae Yin” is directed by Ye’ Lay. This video also bored and I only watched the ending after skipping it twice before so that I will know the ending. It was only till I saw the ending that I realized that this was based on his first love story. He said on City FM that his first love was a girl who moved away in 7th grade and he didn’t get the chance to tell her his feelings. I guess the ending is supposed to be sad but I was cracking up again after seeing him run such a long way to reach her house. Why couldn’t he just grab a taxi instead?

“Yin Khone Than Sagar Lay Ta Khon” is my favorite video. The lyric is a pop rap version and the video is really just cheesy but I still like it. Nay Chi Lin Lei’ is really beautiful. She was singing along to the lyrics and it fits her really well. The main reason I like this video is ‘cuz Ye’ Lay looks extremely cute. My sister and I call this video ‘overdose’ of Ye’ Lay :D.

“Hiphop Law Ka Atwat” is the only real hiphop track in this album. This song features Chan Aye Win and some of his friends such as Htein Win and Zaw Zaw. Ye’ Lay changed his image in here to look more like a rapper but his face expression cracks me up again. I like Chan Aye Win’s rapping style. He’s cool. (I wonder when his solo album will be released). I once wrote that I like his rapping style while Ye’ Lay was overdoing it at his birthday show when they performed this song in my Myanmar version blog.

“Eain”, the title of his album isn’t my favorite song at all. I hated it ‘cuz I don’t like hearing him cry while singing. I thought about not watching this video at all but I decided to watch it anyway and this is not so bad. That kid Heavy Phyo can act even though he gets on my nerves sometimes in some videos and cfs. Htun Htun Win and May Thinzar Oo are the parents and they were alway fighting in front of the kid. One day she saw an earring in his pocket and they got into a fight and he left them. He was with another woman while they had to struggle to survive. Later that kid grew up to be Ye’ Lay and he became famous. By that time, Htun Htun was filled with regret and he was deeply touched watching his son singing about him. So he went back home and the family was united. I think the little girl wasn’t that necessary in this video.

“A Chit Nae Ta Nay Tar” is the video advertising the watches. The advertising is just so obvious and that makes me not want to even continue watching the video. Another reason why I won’t watch this video again is ‘cuz of the disturbing images of he and Moe Hay Ko almost kissing. I am not judging this by saying oh.. this is so against our culture.. blah blah blah ‘cuz I know that I’m just a fan who dont’ like see my fav guy in the arms of another person even though they are just acting. If it was another person almost kissing MHK, I probably wouldn’t even mind at all.

“Nauk Sone Min Nae” song totally sounds like a copy song sang by Si Thu Lwin. Rebecca Win was the model here and I am not that much fond of her anymore. She was wearing a short jean skirt at the start of the video and I was thinking would it have kill her to wear something more appropriate for the camera or the vcd censor board. I don’t care what she wears outside but she’s shooting a mv here so at least she should have been considerate about her dressing style. Even though this song is pretty slow and sounds so much like “Back At One”, the mv is nicely directed.

There are 2 bonus videos from his birthday show included at the end. The first one is “I don’t Know” which is a real live performance with him and the fans. This made me think back about his live show and I like the fact that he didn’t exclude the fan voices singing in union.

The last video is his last performance of “Hteik Sone Hmar A May”. Before performing that song, he had a few chat with the fans and then he brought his mom on stage and asked her to say something to the fans. After that the song is re-edited so it’s not a real live version. I guess this was done ‘cuz he wasn’t paying attention to singing all of the lyrics. There was constant interruptions by people coming up on stage to take photos or give out presents to him. Would it have killed them if they give out those presents to him later but no, they just have to come on stage and interrupt the singers while they are performing. I really have this thing against those people.

So, overall I won’t give this a thumb up and I won’t give a thumb down also. And It still was worth buying.


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