Some Entrys from My Old Journal

I think I never really wrote about my teenage life that much before. Well, I lived in America for a couple of years and I attend school there.

In 8th grade, my English teacher asked us to keep a journal in her room and write in it. Usually she gave us topics to write about them but sometimes we can write whatever we want. I never wrote about private stuffs in my journal but as I was reading it back the other day, I felt like sharing a couple of lines from the journal.

If you think these journal entry are immature, pls excuse a 14 year old girl with a mind of a 13 year old at that time.

The entry are written in Monotype Corsiva font as I wrote them in cursive in my journal. I think most of you guys might have this font installed in your computer.

Monday, October 26 1998
9:35 AM

The topic for today is if it is important for a team to lose and win. I think the team will learn lessons from it. Winning isn’t always important. It’s giving your best that counts. When you lose, it gives you more desire to win expect the Redskins who kept losing and losing. I finished so I will about myself now.

I won’t share the rest as I just wrote about my lips which was bleeding ‘cuz it was chapped.

Wednesday, December 16 1998
9:15 AM

The topic for today is name your favorite character in Romeo and Juliet. Probably Lady Montague because she only said one line. Juilet, daugher of the Capulet, is my favorite character because she showed that she loved Romeo, son of Montague, and wouldn’t marry another. She killed herself (ouch!) showing that her life is over without Romeo. Some teenager! At least the suicide brought the Capulet and Montauge together. When will Ms. Minor called the Beta Club?

Explanation: As part of the 8th grade curriculum, we were required to read Romeo & Juliet by Shakespeare. I never really finished reading it. I think I only read 5 pages and only flipped the book when I was required to do a monologue. Our teacher showed us an old movie so I knew the story and no need to continue reading the play. It’s not that I don’t like reading. I was really a bookworm at that time but reading those kind of books just bored me to death. I never finished reading the Illiad either and I got an A- on my report, which I am very proud of as I managed to write an report basing on facts from the internet and that report earned me my first A in my report card for English.

Well, that’s all. My journal is really silly and I just write nonsense stuffs like Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, Dawson’s Creek, etc. I was only reading it back so that I can know the names of the books I read when I was a teen. I want to read them again so I’m trying to find some of them online.


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