Am I Being Over Sensitive?

I really dislike people touching my personal things. I hated them using my coffee cup at work without washing it back so I keep the cup with me at my desk. I hate having my cds and dvds scratched by those who borrowed them from me. I wish people would at least pay some attention to my things and take good care of them. I myself is to be blamed for talking about these dramas to anyone who will listen and they would want to watch them also so I had to lend them. Sometimes my dvds are being passed from one to another without my knowledge and I don’t like not being told about it. My brother also likes to lend the dvds to his friends and I’m pretty touchy about my kdrama dvds in those people that I don’t even know and it was full of scratches when they are returned. People just say big deal if I take about them. They just don’t care that much as I do. One time he rented my Ye’ Lay cd to a girl from work and when the cd was given back, the cd cover was folded in half like some retard thought it must have been pretty funny to do that. Yes, I’m also sensitive about folded covers. I hate seeing my book covers folded in half by those who read them and didn’t bother to think I would mind about it. Once I lent my Judy Blume book to a friend who returned back after her cat peed on the top of the book and I can still see the yellow spot everytime I look at it. And it was one of my favorite collection as it was a book singed by the author herself.

One thought on “Am I Being Over Sensitive?

  1. Its ok…i’m like that too. I hate people touching my stuff and the thing about your friends cat peeing on your book is horrid! I would hate that! I hope this helps…

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