100% (English Version)

Hook (100% What 100% What all my real Me’s ya keep it 100% What I keep it tight on the mic 100%)2

I keep it simple, I keep it fresh, this ain’t no game or competition It’s a test like examination for me’s the fight for the crown. Who like to spit on the mic before they writing it down. I keep it 100% J-me has done it again my hardcore sounds Rock tours cause I got more than 110 people on my back And I’m give you a smack for messing around with Rap, matter of fact I probably kill you on stage with words that’s hurt and if it’s not enough than I’m slam you in dirt Punk.

(100% What 100% What all my real Mc’s ya keep it 100% What I keep it tight on the mic 100%)2

Pay respect to du real MC I’m kept it Hip Hop, so I’m keeping it me and.

So many Emcee’s want to mess with us, they will be like Ashes and dust in the garbage truck. CAUSE I bust like the police spit at you in the your street click Clack you with your heat, bitchslap you cause you phony. My lyrical battle hit your stereo faster thant Burgers

I’m keeping it tight splitting rhymes you never heard of I’m not I call shots I on top of

Hop with Rappers gathering like crops and I’m gone get props Forget Popularity I hold the little to pick up the mic in front of ya’ll and Battle all my rivals It’s the M.H.A

This is really the first I read this lyrics throughly as I was typing them out and they don’t make sense at all. Plus there are so some typos that I don’t even if they were typed on purpose or not. I like the song but I don’t dig the lyric at all. I tried to correct as much as I could but I am not even sure if it’s supposed to be ‘da real MC’ or ‘du real MC’. Sometimes the word MC is both in capital letters but sometimes they are not. Whatever, this is still a whole lot better than Sai Sai’s English song. There’s a Myanmar version of this on the lyric book but the lyrics aren’t all the same. The Myanmar lyrics look more catchy.

If anyone wants to share this somewhere else (just in case), pls credit me and my blog as I have to buy the lyric book and typed it myself to post here.

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