Coffee Prince

I’ve just finished watching Coffee Prince up to episode 15 now. Since they are dating now, there isn’t much in the plot but still I can’t help smiling and laughing. They are just so cute together. I even started to feel a bit of jealousy in episode 15. It is too much to ask for someone like Han Kyul to exit in the real world? J/K. He’s just too perfect and these kind of guys only appear in movies, dramas and books. I have been pretty much spamming my other blog with Coffee Prince related posts. I have been collecting the lyrics for some of the songs from the drama. I will share them pretty soon after I upload the songs on fileden. I want to share songs with Myanmar web surfers and I think fileden will work for them as it’s pretty simple to download from.

Aside from Coffee Prince, I haven’t really watch any other dramas except 2 episodes of Liar Game but I have stopped watching now to wait for the episode 11 subtitle release. I don’t really feel like watching anything else beside Coffee Prince. At work, my winamp playlist is only Coffee Prince Ost and songs featured in the drama. When I get free time to surf the net, I have been surfing sites related to Coffee Prince. This craziness is similar to what I felt when I was obsessed with Goong and I know my Goong obsession didn’t die out so soon. The drama has finished airing now but I too felt like other fans who didn’t want it to them. When Goong finished airing, I also felt the same depression. I thought no other drama can replace Goong but actually I moved on to other dramas of course. But then it’s still my favorite drama after Full House. So I wonder what place is Coffee Prince in my top 10 Kdrama list now. I can’t decide whether I like this better than My Girl or not which is my 3rd fav drama.

I will stop with my spamming about Coffee Prince for now but I’ll be back with posts related to Coffee Prince later 🙂


2 thoughts on “Coffee Prince

  1. hi, i found u when i search for the song byul- i don’t care if u hate it, however, i still can’t find the download source, i hope i will. Anyway, coffee prince is nice, i watched it recently, but my girl is still better, and ‘i am sam’ is the best (for me), hehe, seems like u are addicted to korean drama too. Can I befriend you? XD

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