The Last Cup of Coffee Prince

I’ve finished watching Coffee Prince last night. I downloaded the raw versions cuts from youtube as I couldn’t get it anywhere else. Then I had to resync the subtitle every time after watching each videos which were separated when uploaded to youtube.

I felt like there can be no dramas that will replace Coffee Prince even though I know there will be replacements in the future ‘cuz I felt the same way after finishing Goong. There are only four dramas which I became obsessed with and wrote about frequently in forums and blogs and those are Full House, Goong, My Girl and Coffee Prince. Coffee Prince is the only drama in which I like each and every characters in the drama. I will miss seeing Han Kyul, Gong Chan, the coffee princes, Han Seung, Yoo Joo, Eun Sae, etc.

In my opinion, the character Han Kyul is too good to be true. When I first watched him, I wasn’t that quite attracted to him as he acted like a wang ssagaji (king of jerk) but he grew on me as I continue watching the drama. He almost always look good and stylish except when he was wearing an orange polka dot shirt. I don’t think polka dots suit him. The way he loves Eun Chan makes me wonder whether actual people like him exist in the real world. If you know one, let me know then 😀

One of my favorite scene is in the last episode when Han Kyul woke up Eun Chan by singing her a song via his phone. Now why can’t I have a boyfriend like him? See, I told you. Han Kyul is just too good to be true.

In the last episode, Eun Chan probably put on a wig to express that 2 years have passed now but I am not used to seeing her with longer hair as I was used to seeing her with her boyish hairstyle. She still looks good but her appearance doesn’t make me feel that she’s Eun Chan anymore. I was seeing her more as Yoon Eun Hye the actress rather than Eun Chan, the tomboy.

This last episode is dedicated mostly to the sweet couple so the rest of the casts appeared less on the episode. Yoo Joo couldn’t get any child but the couple is still happy together. Min Yeop is starting to become a model and still dating Eun Sae, Ha Rim is still seeing Byul (I don’t think they match each other ‘cuz I don’t like her attitude) but he’s still a playboy also and maybe Sun Ki might start a new relationship with the newcomer at the shop.

All right, I am really feeling like Coffee Prince hasn’t ended at all and there are many episodes to look forward. This episode doesn’t make feel like the drama ended at all and that’s just worse than the other dramas ‘cuz I can feel that they have ended. I read that MBC might make a sequel to Coffee Prince but Gong Yoo won’t be in it as he’s enlisted to join the army this year. I don’t know if I should look forward to this or not. Long ago, I also thought that Goong will have a sequel but all I saw was Goong S and there is no sequal at all. Plus, Coffee Prince without Gong Yoo won’t be the same at all.

Now I am downloading the Coffee Prince special show from youtube. There wont’ be any subs but I can watch the NGs meanwhile waiting for the subs release from WithS2.


One thought on “The Last Cup of Coffee Prince

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