UFL Music Show

Yesterday I went to UFL in the morning to get my certificate and apply for Intermediate 1 but I didn’t get my certificate as there was a music show at the university. The professor who was keeping the certificates was watching the show so I would have to wait till the show was over to get my certificate. My classmates came to meet me at the UFL and she said she’ll ask her sister to get the certificate for me instead and she’ll apply for me instead on Monday. I really wanted to stay and finish watching the concert or at least watch till the Korean major students performed on stage but she insisted that we should leave. I saw a bunch of guys wearing white collar shirts and one of them was holding a sheet of paper. He was standing beside me so I looked at the page and I think I saw the lyrics by 015B. I only got to see the performance by a French major student and watch a bunch of German major students singing in Myanmar which lyrics sounded so crappy. My friend told me that they always held music shows like that at UFL. They sure are pretty lucky to be able to perform the show as it didn’t rain yesterday.

I always envy students who get to attend UFL. The university to which I only attended a few days each year for distant education didn’t feel like a university at all. I thought about whether I should be taking a diploma course for Korean as I wanted to learn properly but I don’t have enough time to do that. My work started at 9 am and I can only be late till 9:15 am. I will have to pay 600 kyats every time I’m late so that means I will have to pay over 10000 kyats just for my lateness. I’m not also a morning person so evening classes work better for me. I used to leave work early around 4:15 pm on Mon, Wed and Fri when I attended UFL but I will be leaving 15 mins later when I started my classes again. One of my classmate won’t be joining us for the new class as he’s going to Korean to work. He was the only student in class who knew a lot more in Korean than us and he annoyed me at first ‘cuz the teachers then assumed that we all should know them well like him but he’s nice and friendly. I guess we all got close in Basic 2 as there were lesser students in the class.


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