Usual Sunday

This Sunday, I woke up a bit early than usual but still I didn’t start doing anything till past 10 am. The weather was nice, bright and clear, so I did my laundry and I didn’t finish washing them all till after 2pm. I’m a slow worker who takes rest pretty often so I’m slow at finishing my tasks. I had my lunch at 1 pm and continue my work while pausing pretty often to talk to my sister or listen to music. After I finish doing laundry, my sister told me to give her my scrunches and other hair accessories as my hair is pretty short to use them now. She was a bit surprised to see my large collection. She even told me to take some photos of them. She said I should her give them to her sooner as she was thinking of buying some of them, mentioning to my flower shaped hair clips. I have been meaning to give them to her for years but I kept forgetting.

After I gave her my stuffs, I cleaned my room and took a bath. I was planning to go to the hair salon by 4pm but my friend arrived so I decided to wait for my sister to finish typing her cv and go to the salon together. When my sister was finished, it started raining so we had to wait for the rain to stop. It didn’t look like it’ll stop so we decided to go out at 5:30. My sister wanted to eat Rakhine Moat Tee so we went to the shop first. On the way, as I was crossing the street, a blue jeep came out of nowhere and almost run me over. I was a bit shocked at first but I reacted quickly by running back to the street side. Gosh, I always looked both ways before crossing the street but that jeep was driving at full speed and didn’t even bother to slow down or stop. I am sick and tired of always watching out for cars who will always drive close to my feet. It should be them who should look out for the passengers. Even when I am walking by the street side, as there are no platforms, I still get honks and yelled by the drivers. Now that I’m going back to UFL, I have to face having to cross Inya Road before reaching the university. I don’t know when I will get hit by a car.

Anyway, back to the subject, after we reached the shop, we all had Rakhine Moat Tee and Tofu A Sar Tot which is vegetables, tamarind juice, soy sauce and chili stuffed in the tofu. This shop is the only shop around my area which sells them and it’s my sister’s favorite. I don’t really fancy that shop ‘cuz the moat tee doesn’t taste that good and the rest of the food are pretty expensive, 300 kyats for a plate of a thote while other places sells them for 150 kyats or 200 kyats. But this is the only shop around the area which opens on Sundays so I have nowhere else to go when I want to eat Rakhine Moat Tee.

Afterward, I went to the salon while my friend and my sisters went to make copies of the cv and certificates. I visited that salon just a week ago but at that time I was in a hurry and I didn’t have any pictures with me to show the hairstyle I want. I have the pictures with me this time and I think my hairstyle is now nearly like Eun Chan. Yeah, call me a copycat but I always like seeing Asian actresses with short hairstyles. I was starting to hate my last hairstyle as it was getting out of shape.

I tried to take some photos of myself but I even scare myself ‘cuz I look like a skeleton in the photos. I look like I haven’t had any sleep for days. My mother has been saying that to me for awhile now but I didn’t think I look that bad when I look in the mirror. Maybe the camera is bewitched so I look ugly every time I took a photo :D. Like my sister said, it’s just me and I am just not photogenic at all. Which is why I avoid taking photos of myself with digital cameras. They reveal the truth to much 😦

My sister is taking some traditional medicines to gain weight. Maybe I should take some also just to get my face look healthy.


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