Shopping at Yuzana Plaza

Yesterday I woke up a bit early than usual Sundays after hearing Ye’ Lay’s song playing. It was my sister who was listening to his album and I joined her without even washing up first till she stopped listening. I asked my brother to buy pauk si for breakfast and drank coffee while eating pauk si. I watched some kpop videos I burned on a vcd. It has been a long time since the last time I burned them. After I get my computer fixed (again), I’ll burn them on dvd as it’s a waste of cds when I don’t have time to watch them. I must have about 20 or 30 cds all burned with my downloads. I want to share them on divx but my connection is too slow to upload.

Anyway, after I had breakfast, I started cleaning the family room as my father was saying the desk is too messy. I tried my best to tidy up the desk but I couldn’t put away my brother’s things as he’ll be using them again later on. Afterward, I started watching “Take the Lead” movie which I rented from the shop on Saturday. It’s a nice movie but I only got to watch a few chapters as my mother called out for me and asked me whether I’m interested in going to Yuzana Plaza or not. I told her I will go so I took a bath quickly, dressed and came down to eat lunch.

We left our home around 2 pm. My mother suggest that I should buy some new shoes just in case I need to go to some ceremonies or occasions like wedding, birthday, etc. I wasn’t quite interested in the idea and maybe that’s why I couldn’t find a single shoe I like. My sister tired of me for being so picky. I was just more interested in buying a present for my friend. I bought a green long waist blouse and I wanted to buy my friend one also but it’s short sleeve so she might not want to wear it as she’s skinny. I’m skinny too but I don’t’ mind wearing short sleeves.

It was really tiring walking around the place and I was getting really thirsty. My sister suggested we eat and rest at some place but she went to the 3rd floor in hope of finding Mr. Brown. I told her it’s not on the 3rd floor anymore but she didn’t listen. We bought the present from the first shop we saw on the 3rd floor. There was a large food court at the center of the place and I wanted to go back downstairs as I couldn’t stand the loud music being played but my sister said she’s hungry so we sat down. I ordered a cup of ice coffee while she ordered Shan Noodle. I wouldn’t recommend eating Shan Noodle at this place as it’s just too little for a price of 800 kyats and the ice coffee is also 800 kyats but at least it’s not filled with water like at some fast food places. Although I didn’t like the food, I like the shop we visited and next time I go shopping, I would go to the 3rd floor first ‘cuz the prices aren’t that expensive there.

We went home after 5pm and most of the shops were already closed down by then. I finished watching “Take the Lead” after the tv drama has ended airing and it was really a nice movie. I wished we had similar programs like ball room dancing back at our junior high school.


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