New Fashion Journal Released

A few years ago, I used to read most of all the fashion magazines available from the book rental shop. The main intention of reading those magazines was to read about Myanmar celebrities but the prices have went up and I was sick of flipping through glossy advertisement papers and then reading articles which are indirectly advertising the products.Some magazines only featured articles about people I dislike so now it’sbeen a long time since I read a magazine.

But now, a journal dedicated to fashion and entertainment has been released since yesterday. The name of the journal is “NOW” and what set it different from regular magazines and journals is that all pages arefull color. This week’s front cover is Nicole Kidman and usually Myanmar fashion magazines and journals used Myanmar celebrities and models as their front cover. Reading this journal reminds me of those teen magazines I read when I was younger. I think this is the first journal
which criticize Myanmar celebrities publicly. It’s nothing serious, just a small criticism about bad choice of fashion and acne-control in Sai Sai’s case. It’s funny to read them anyway. I’ll summarize some of the interviews and features about Myanmar celebrities.

In the interview with Kaung Myat, he said that his new album contains only r&b and pop songs as he wanted a change of music style. I used to thought he can’t sing solo but after hearing him in Sai Sai’s ‘bone kyoe pyat tae nat tha mee’ song, I am looking forward to this album release.

My sister said that the girls sounded a bit rude in the interview with NO but I think they are just sick of answering questions related to Thazin. I also have seen several of their interviews and most of them asked about Thazin. They must have broken up for like a year already. Interviewers, give these girls a break. It’s not like there aren’t any other questions to ask. I am neither a fan of NO nor Thazin but they want to move on so let them move on instead of talking about the past all the times. I am more of a fan of Yee Mon whose music sounds better when she sings solo.

Since I have mention gossips and criticism, some of you might be wondering what those are about. Just as I have said in the above paragraph, it’s nothing too serious. They wrote that Sai Sai can dress in fashion but he should take care of his acne on his face. That’s kinda true. Those pimples are huge. On the photo of Moe Hay Ko, it was written, “Who is this…ahh..that’s the girl some journal named the popular person of the year…but those color contacts doesn’t match well with her”. My favorite one is about Aye Wit Yee Thaung. She was wearing a red polka dot dress which looks really cute and nice but there was some black straps around her ankle and they wrote “Perhaps she’s too busy to buy a stocking so she drew a fake stocking on her legs.”. As I have said, those aren’t too serious and they are funny. I hope they would continue to write like this in the next journals.

Edit: Those criticism were written after gaining permisson from the Myanmar celebrities.

So if you are in Myanmar, you might want to check this out if you are into fashion and entertainment. The sale price is 500 kyats but I don’t know how much the journal stand might sell them for.


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