Last night I watched Heroes Season 1 on dvd and I was immediately hooked on the series. I have watched the first episode a long time ago but I didn’t continue watching till my sister bought the dvd. Actually I wanted to watch The Prince’s First Love drama but my brother and I had an argument ‘cuz the drama is subbed in Myanmar and it was pirated so he accused me of supporting piracy from his company. I didn’t even buy it in the first place. Why would I even want to waste my money to buy dramas or movies subbed in Myanmar subtitles? I only watched this drama ‘cuz my pc is broken and if I buy the dvd with english sub, my mother would scold me for wasting money as there was a dvd at home already. It was my father who borrowed the dvd from his friend but of course my brother didn’t dare voice out his anger to him so he turned to me instead.

I didn’t want the same arugment to continue again last night so I thought I will just watch the first episode and wait till he’s asleep so I can continue my drama. But he was also hooked on to the series so we ended up watching it for four episodes straight. I had to tell my brother to go to sleep as the hour was nearly midnight and he have to get up way early in the morning. My mother wasn’t pleased to see her son staying up the night watching tv ‘cuz she wanted all of us to sleep early as possible.

I might continue watching the series tonight but if my brother isn’t around, I’ll just finish watching the kdrama first.


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