Internet Boredom

I got internet connection at work since yesterday but I barely got time to surf forum. The connection went down exactly at 12 pm till 1 am which was my lunch time so I couldn’t do anything else except watch some videos in my pc after eating lunch. I had pending works to do on my ‘when internet connection is up again’ list so I have to complete them and also finish my works at the same time. Life without internet is boring but sometimes it’s much better. I no longer comes home late as usual and web surfing became a boring thing to do after work. I just want to get home quickly and watch some dramas on the pc. I wanted to a bit later at work on yesterday’s evening but I have to leave around 6pm. I have been attempting to move blogs and I am still nowhere near completion. There are so many things to do at wordpress and I need to take some times to read before I attempt to do something. I haven’t even announce to anyone that I have moved yet ‘cuz I wanted to get some widgets in place before I do that. I just wish I can type in Myanmar easily as I am doing so in English here. I have to setup a free hosting site and moved my Myanmar blog there so I can edit the css.


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