Another Holiday for Me

Yesterday was an Indian holiday of Diwali (Deepvali) so it’s a public holiday. I have been looking forward holidays and Sundays lately ever since Thadingyut holiday ended. I spent my morning going to see a tailor who specializes in making style pants. My sister got her pants tailored by him and they were quite nice and impressive so I also want to get some style pants. My mother always complain that the style pants from the fashion shops are expensive and badly made so she wanted us to get some style pants done by a professional. He opened a small shop at his home in Tar Kay Ta which is in the located in the outskirts of the city. It didn’t take that long to reach the place by bus but the road was bumpy. I have to be glad that the bus wasn’t crowded at all. The shop is a bit shabby but the important thing is his skills, not the outer appearance of the shop. I will be able to get them by next Sunday which is fine by me as I am not that impatient.

I arrived back home around noon and ate lunch with papaya salad and Shwe Yin Aye for dessert. The Shwe Yin Aye was a bit salty, I guess they put too much salt to lessen the sweetness but it was okay.

While I was taking the above picture, I took some photos of my new velvet slippers and my favorite leather bag. The bag is nothing fancy and I bought it in Bangkok back in 2005. I am not that interested in buying bags so I only own a few bags. I like this slipper ‘cuz my feet don’t hurt when I wear them. The velvet will be worn out after a month but since it’s cheap, I can just buy another velvet slipper with another design and decorations.

I spent the rest of the days reading John Grisham. The electricity went out around noon and didn’t come back till after 5pm. I am a bit glad that it went out (although my cousin wasn’t happy ‘cuz she was still cooking while it went out) ‘cuz I get the chance to spend my days reading and going out for a walk to return the book to my friend. I usually spend my free times watching tv or using the computer so it’s nice to have a change once in awhile but that doesn’t mean I am welcoming the electricity cutout which will happen again somewhere around December as it has been doing so every year.


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