Cleaning Out My Wardrobe

I spent another Sunday at home again. I spent the morning doing my laundry and spent the rest of the days cleaning out my wardrobe with my mother. I can’t believe I actually spent nearly 5 hours on cleaning one wardrobe. I can’t imagine what I would do if I own more than one. My wardrobe was filled with a lots of clothing I don’t want to wear. My mother helped me ‘cuz she said I don’t know how to take care of silk as I don’t put them in plastic bags and stuffed them along with others.

After I finished, I took a bath and snacked on moat hin gar tote. I was planning to watch a drama on the weekend but I didn’t have much time left to watch them. Lately I haven’t been focusing much on dramas. I am rewatching some of the kpop performances which I downloaded long time ago and I haven’t watch some of the vids which I have burned on dvds and I forgot about them.

Dinner was nga phe curry and shrimp soup which was supposed to be tom-yum soup but it tasted nothing like it. I got the recipe from a blog and asked my cousin to cook them. Next time, I will order from a restaurant instead.


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