Sharing Kpop Songs

I heard the internet connection for Bagan Net users are quite slow lately. Perhaps that is the reason why the connection is faster at work. The download speed didn’t increase much through. It still takes a long time to download files from rapidshare.

I got to use a premium account bought by an unni from forum. Ever since I got that account, I have been downloading a lot of ebooks. I tried to download some movies but I gave up after I couldn’t extract some of the archive files. So I stuck to just downloading season 2 episodes of Heroes. I only watched a few episodes but my siblings have watched all the episodes that I have brought home and they kept asking for more. As soon as they arrive home, the first thing they ask me is whether I brought Heroes today.

Ever the internet slowed down, it affected my mood for drama obsession and I haven’t been watching much dramas at all. I realized that I have burned nearly 40 dvds with dramas, movies, music video and performances but I haven’t spent much time on watching them except for some dramas. So I have been checking them out again and spending my times watching movies I didn’t even know existed in the dvds and music performances.

When I watch the music videos and performances, now I focus more on the dances and background dancers (or there is no such as thing as a background dance, according to a character from Over the Rainbow drama :P) instead of focusing on the performers’ faces. I can’t help comparing the dances to which I have seen on Myanmar vcds. Some of you guys might be thinking, there she goes again, dissing about Myanmar people. I won’t do that this time ‘cuz the main theme of this post is to share kpop music.

I share the songs of the videos I have watched lately. I want to share the vidoes but my connection is terrible so I can’t upload videos. You can find them via google on youtube.

Black Pearl – I Can’t Help Loving You

Some people say this song is another crappy cheesy pop song but I love it. I was familiar with the song ever since it was released but I only got to watched their performance a few days ago.

Download their live performance from here.

Younha – Secret Number 486


I can’t believe I was pretty ignorant to check her out earlier. When I saw her performance, I was amazed to see this beautiful girl playing the piano while performing to the crowd. Her mood is pretty energetic but I liked the song immediately although I don’t fancy pop rock. I love her hair style also :).

Click here for the music video.

Dong Bang Shin Ki – O

I know this is a bit old. O is my fav song by DBSK.I was watching a kpop concert and they were the last to perform. I am already a big fan of O song but I don’t think I have watched their performances beside the music video. Ever since AnyBand was released, I was already digging Xiah so I have been searching back in my dvds and cds for DBSK vids. I didn’t like him that much before ‘cuz I thought his voice was a bit winny but he was always the first person I recognize whenever I listen to a new song by DBSK. I started liking him after his duet with Jang Na Rin in Timeless.

Byul – Don’t Care If You Hate It

I have already shared this song.

Big Bang – Lie

I don’t remember sharing this song on my blog. I have learned a lesson not to criticize nor judge a song on my first impression. I didn’t like this song at first but it was very catchy and addicting so I ended up loving it.

Epik High – Fan
Epik High – Love Love Love

The first song is unique for its dance steps but I like the later one more. It’s very catchy.

Wonder Girls – Sorry Heart

I used to judge Wonder Girls as just another girl band who wears short pants and skirts and sing cheery pop songs. So I didn’t paid much attention to them but when I heard Sorry Heart, I started to like the band.

J-Walk – Sun Shower

This song is a bit new. I have only listen to it a couple of times. It reminds of another song but I can’t think of what the song is similar to.

Hyori – Toc Toc Toc

I have probably downloaded a couple of Hyori vids but I rarely watched them. It’s not that I don’t like her but watching her vids didn’t cross my mind most of the times but I like her songs.

Chae Yeon – My Love

This song is pretty catchy also.

F.T Island – A man’s first love follows him to the grave
F.T Island – One Love

I saw their latest music video a few days ago also. I still watched their other videos.

Son Ho Young – My Heart is in the Sky

Not much to say, if you are a fan of Son Ho Young, you’ll like this song.


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