Wedding Ceremony in Shwe Pyi Thar

This Sunday, I went to a wedding ceremony held in Shwe Pyi Thar. Shwe Pyi Thar is a sub-urban area which is pretty far from my house but since the bride invited me personally with a card, I couldn’t refuse it. She used to work at our company before and she met her husband online. This must be the third time I have gone to online marriage weddings.

I was supposed to meet with my co-worker around her place before 8 but I knew myself so I told her not to wait for me. I only left the house at 8:15 am and arrived at Hledan at 8:30. I planned to go alone but I saw 2 co-workers waiting for the bus at the bus stop so we went there together. We had to wait for 45 bus which will go to Shwe Pyi Thar for awhile. The bus wasn’t that crowded and we all got the seats immediately. We were lucky to get those seats ‘cuz the bus ride took nearly 45 minutes. I skipped breakfast so I was hoping to eat some food at the ceremony but I was disappointed when I was served a cup of ice-cream, two cheap wafers , one cheap small croissant and a slice of cake I didn’t even touch. I hate going to wedding ceremonies ‘cuz they never serve good food. Even when the ceremony in held in some expensive hotel, all they serve is some ice-cream, croissants, bread and a cup of coffee. Sometimes I think the ice-cream from the street stall might taste even better than the ones served at those hotels. I wasn’t expecting anything fancy at the wedding. Just a plate of rice and food or nan gyi thoke or even a bowl of mohingar was all I had in mind.

I stayed behind with the rest of my co-workers after I finished my food. I wanted to leave immediately when the music started playing an wedding album by Thon Tae Soe Aung and Soe Sandar Htun (I’m not sure about the male voice and I recognize the shrill voice of her) but I didn’t want to leave by myself. I had nothing to do and no one to talk to so I kinda of started paying more attention to the music and I can’t help smiling hearing the lyrics. A co-worker who was watching me said that I smiled whenever a new song is played so she wonder if I was thinking of someone. No, I don’t have anyone in mind at all but those lyrics were really cheesy, crappy and funny.

The ceremony ended after 11 am. After the couple took photos, they were on their way to the car so we all had to ran out in front of them and stopped them by holding gold necklaces (actually it’s supposed to chains but we only have necklaces) in front of them. It’s a traditional prank played on the wedded couple so they will have to pay pocket money to everyone who was holding the chains. The groom took out some envelopes from his pocket and handed one to each of us. I was thinking he was so generous to give to each person but when I open the envelope, I only saw one sheet of 500 kyats ha ha.

I arrived home around 1pm and ate lunch with lemon salad (shauk thee toke). Then I spend the rest of the days watching Time of Wolf & Dog on my pc as my mother was watching another boring drama with Myanmar subtitle on the TV. I was waiting for my free time to finish TWD but I will never get to finish it if I were to wait for my turn to watch it on TV.


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