Kandawgyi Meeting

I was planning to go window shopping for a mp4 player on Sunday but I had to cancel my plan as there was a forum meeting at Kandawgyi. I have been wishing for a forum picnic at Kandawgyi like last time but since the meeting was set up around 4 pm so it was too late for a picnic. We left home after 3pm and have to wait around 20 to 30 mins for the bus. I was hoping to reach there earlier so I bought some potato chips to eat while waiting for others but we all arrived at the place at the same time around 4. Zeng, Ngwe Hnin Mhu, Ma Latt and Ma Linn Lei came together from another direction. The meeting was set up on Saturday to meet Ngwe Hnin Mhu who was visiting Yangon and we all wanted to meet her. She was as I had expected, cute, pretty and young. I feel like an old person (ahjumma) when compared to her.

I forgot to bring some newspaper or journals to sit on the grass but even then, the ground was too wet for us to sit. They probably sprayed water on the ground so that couples can’t sit on the ground. Since we couldn’t sit on the island, we waited for others at the little bridge connecting to the island from the park. Ko Young and Ko MgHla came around after half and hour. I think we waited around an hour until Ko White and Ma Apex came. I don’t know who recommended the snack shop but we went to this snack shop which was probably the dirtiest shop I’ve ever seen. There were stains of bird shits on the plastic table and it looks like the shop didn’t even bother to wipe the table. I was careful not to touch the table and I wasn’t feeling hungry anymore. After the food arrived, I took a bite at a piece of eggrolls and I almost spit it out ‘cuz the taste was terrible. It tasted like the food had been cooked with used oil and it was the worst egg roll I had eaten in my life. I managed to swallow it but decided not to try out the rest of the food. I guess that shop was popular for its fried potato but I will never go there to eat again. Ma Pan Yang and her family came over and we moved to the Shan shop nearby. The place was so much better compared to the last shop. I ordered Shan Noodle with Soup while my sister ordered Shan Rice. Her food arrived first and it was too little for her to eat. I wonder if it even contained fish at all ‘cuz it’s supposed to be rice mixed with fish meat. My order came later but it was the dry salad version so I had to ask them to make it the soup version. I was sure I ordered the noodle with chicken but I got pork instead. I eat pork but usually Shan noodle doesn’t taste good when eaten with pork. As expected, I didn’t like it that much and it was a bit salty for me. Yeah, I’m a real picky eater all right.

We chatted around till after 7pm and walked around the park to the entrance gate. Somewhere along the way, Ko White, Ko Mg Hla and Ko Young disappeared and we had to wait a while for them. I thought they must have went to the bathroom or something but they appeared eating ice-cream and Ko Young was drinking for a soda cup, making us all jealous of them while they were eating. We went home with Ma Latt since we live in the same directions. We arrived home after 8:30 pm and was scolded for being late as usual. Sheesh, I know they are worried but I’m 23 years old now. I didn’t even want to tell my mother that we were going to Kandawgyi ‘cuz they all think Kandawgyi is the place filled with couples. It used to be but after it was redecorated, it’s now a nice place for family and friends to enjoy themselves away for the sounds of the noisy city. I wish I can live near Kandawgyi sometimes. If I live near there, I might do some jogging in the morning around the lake.


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