Window Shopping for a MP4 Player

Tuesday was National Day so I spent the day resting at home in the morning and going out in the afternoon. My parent went to their high school reunion in the morning. When I grew up to be around their age, I won’t have any schools to attend for high school union  as I didn’t attend any schools after 5th grade.

I was planning to go to the movies with my friends but the plan got cancelled due to the Korean Film Festival which was showing the movies at Thamada Cinema around noon. My sister has to teach in the evening so we couldn’t watch it at another time. So I’ve postponed it till Sunday afternoon. The movie is nothing special but it has been awhile since we have hang out together at the movies and I didn’t want to see it another theater. I’ve read about the movie festival but I wasn’t interested in the movies being played. I wish they will show The King & the Clown but I know the censor board here might not be pleased with the movie. I just want to see Lee Junki on the screen. I have the dvd at home but I still want to watch it at the theater.

So I had the morning to myself and wrote a review about a play I saw the other day. After I ate lunch, we went to buy a book for my sister’s pupil at Myanmar Book Center. The bookshop is located in Alone which is pretty far away from our home and we didn’t know the directions. Luckily we have a map of Yangon so we found the place quite easily, at least on the map. The bus ride took nearly an hour and it was racing with other buses so we were pretty lucky to get off at the right bus stop. We found the bookshop after walking for 5 mins across the street. The book was pretty thin and it cost 5500 kyats. I guess it probably cost $3.99 in the U.S. After we left the bookshop, we went to Super One near Bogyoke Market and searched for Yi Mon fried beans. I found them but they didn’t look quite fresh so I didn’t want to buy them. Those are my favorite fried beans but they only taste good when it’s ordered directly from Mandalay. I wish they have a branch office in Yangon. At least my father is visiting Mandalay next week so I can ask him to buy them for me.

I went window shopping for an mp4 player and found what I want to buy but I’m still deciding whether I should the buy the regular mp4 player or the one with digital camera. The price differs around 20000 kyats and I don’t want to buy something that will broke down pretty fast due to the many functions in the player.

I saw Y Wine’s new album in Super One but I am waiting to see whether my sister will buy it or not. She said she wanted to buy the original album as it contains only own-tune songs. I am not a fan of him anymore but I want to share it with my friends. I guess they will have to get the album from someone else ‘cuz she’s planning to buy Sai Sai’s dvd first when it’s released on Dec 9th.

Meanwhile I am collecting the latest vcds to send to my friend. I have watched a play on Sunday but didn’t like it that much. I rented Hnin Si Tha Khin A Nyeint but I couldn’t copy it due to it’s copyright protection. This is my second I’ve experienced it. Too bad but I still have another version recorded from TV so I’ll just copy that one instead.


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