Another Boring Sunday

Another boring Sunday has passed by again. It was my mother’s birthday so the whole family went to Shwedagon Pagoda. Before we went to the pagoda, we went to China Town to eat breakfast. I wanted to eat at the Chinese Muslim shop where I eat often whenever I went to China Town but my father wanted to eat at another shop as he had eaten there before a long time ago. I ordered muu swan (rice vermeil soup with chicken) with my father and the rest of the family ordered si chet. I really wished I had eaten at another place ‘cuz once again, I was disappointed with my food. The muu swan wasn’t cooked fully so I only drank the soup. Next time, I will never eat from that shop again.

After breakfast, my father drove to Shwedagon Pagoda and we went up using the escalator. The pagoda is crowded as usual as it was after 7 am in the morning. After we worship the pagoda, we walked around until we get to the planetary post in which day my mother was born. There are 8 planetary posts in every pagoda and the extra post is for Yar Hu borns, who are born in the evenings of Wednesdays. While my mother was paying lighting the candles and praying in front, we waited for her nearby. While I was sitting, I noticed a lot of dusts coming my way so I looked up and saw a couple of volunteer people sweeping the floors. It is nice that they are sweeping the floors but I wished they didn’t sweep the dirt into the little holes. One of them should have been carrying a dust pan and throwing them into the trash bins. Speaking of dustbins, my brother complained that the trash bins should have holes on all sides instead of having only one hole which makes people walk around till they see it. It’s not a big deal but still it would have better.

When I got home, I drank some coffee and went out to 12 lone than with my sister to wash my hair. My sister waited for me inside the salon while my hair got washed and my hair got trimmed to keep in shape. We walked to Yankin Center afterward to buy Sai Sai’s dvd. It was just released yesterday and there was a promtion event at Sein Gay Har but I didn’t want to go there as it will be crowded as expected  The dvd cost 2000 kyat and includes a small poster of Sai Sai and a luck draw program for a fan meeting. I’m thinking of giving that slip of paper to my friend’s brother who is a big fan of Sai Sai but I am pretty sure that he doesn’t buy original albums and vcds.

The electricity was supposed to come back at 11 am but it didn’t come back until 5pm. I was bored the whole afternoon with nothing to do except reading the novel version of the Empire Strikes Back. I didn’t finished it as I got sleepy. After the electricity came back, I watched Sai Sai dvd. I will write a review on it later. I need to do some capturing from the dvd first. My brother was using the computer so I could only watch TV. I watched some vcds and then waited for The Return of the Condor Heroes drama on MWD. TV channels here don’t keep up with the schedule as the duration of the NEWS is unpredictable so I had to wait till 10 pm for the drama to air. Normally, they would start airing the dramas around 9:15 to 9:30 pm but it was just my unlucky day.


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