When will R&B Music Ever Exist in Myanmar?

If anyone ask me in what kinds of music I like the most in Myanmar, I would say I like hip-hop music. But truthfully, I only listen to Myanmar hip-hop songs and I rarely listen to western hip-hop as they don’t really suit my taste most of the time. Yeah, it’s kinda funny ‘cuz some (or most) hip-hop songs from here aren’t actually hip-hop. Some of them are just singing pop rap and some of them just copy off from western and eastern artists. Yeah, it’s a shame so I rarely write about them in English.

When hip-hop music first emerge, most people thought they will just fade away after they lose popularity but to their dismay, hip-hop have gained more and more audience. Sometimes I get sick of hearing these hip-hop songs sometimes and I really wish for real r&b music with good choreography instead of those so called crappy dancing I see on vcds. So when Kaung Myat who usually sing hip-hop songs featuring in Sai Sai album said he’ll be releasing a solo album containing r&b based pop songs, I was glad to hear that someone has finally done it. So when his album was released, I bought the original album instead of buying a pirate album (which I rarely buy) or download from the internet. After listening to the album through, I was so disappointed and felt that I had wasted my money instead of buying something else. There are 10 songs in the album, minus the crappy intro and I recognize half of them as they are copied from my favorite songs. So in the end, his way of introducing r&b music to Myanmar audience is to copy off from other singers who are quite famous in Asia. He also have his own dance team and he’ll be releasing his vcd after 5 months. I wonder if he’s going to copy the dance choreography also.


4 thoughts on “When will R&B Music Ever Exist in Myanmar?

  1. What are some hit R&B songs in Burma? When I went to Yangon I heard this one song everywhere. I even heard it in Mandalay. Its not sai sai. Could someone help me out??? Its killing me I have to know what song I am looking for. Its like the biggest song of 2009. I heard people playing it non stop.

    • There aren’t much Myanmar R&B songs. Let’s see there’s the songs from Ye’ Lay 1st & 2nd albums, Thiri Swe, Athen Cho Swe….Maybe you heard the sample songs by Bunny Phyo or Thein Linn Soe. I like TLS’s songs. If you know the lyrics, I can probably tell the song’s title.

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