Top 20 Songs for Dec 3rd week

These are the songs listed on the weekly music chart on soompi last week. Enjoy listening.

1. Big Bang – 마지막인사 (Last Farewell/ Last Greeting)

2. SNSD – 소녀시대 (Girls Generation)

3. Park Jin Young – 니가사는그집 (The House You Lived In)

4. Younha – 혜성 (Comet)

5. Lee Seung Chul – 사랑한다 (I Love You)

6. Eun Ji Won (feat. Mr. Tyfoon) – Adios

7. Lim Jeong Hee- 사랑에미치면 (When you’re crazy in love)

8. Super Junior – Marry U

9. Wonder Girls – Tell Me

10. SG Wannabe – 첫눈 (First Snow)

11. Zia – 바이올린 (Violin)

12. J-Walk – 여우비 (Light Rain)

13. MC The Max – 사랑을 외치다 (Call out love)

14. Lee Seung Hwan – 내맘이안그래 (My Heart Isn’t Like That)

15. Big Mama – 배반 (Betray)

16. Kim Jo Han – 사랑이늦어서미안해 (Sorry For The Love Being Late)

17. Shin Hye Sung – 지우고, 버리고, 잊어도… (Erase, Abandon, Forget…)

18. Sung Shi Kyung – 한번 더 이별 (Break Up One More Time)

20. Drunken Tiger – 8:45 Heaven

ref: Weekly Music Chart 2007 – December week 3

credit : + madyjune


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