Ye’ Lay Concert

Last Saturday, I went to see Ye’ Lay’s show at Mya Yeik Nyo with my siblings. I arrived there at 6 pm but as usual, the show didn’t start till 7pm. So that means I had to wait for an hour, standing in front of the stage while the dj plays noisy hiphop music. I saw Zin Zin Zaw Myit and a camera man interviewing some girls. I guess it’s for the live show dvd. The show started at 7pm and Ye’ Lay came down from the stage, walking on the stairs which were shaped like equalizers of a cassette player. That was unexpected. He performed nearly 30 songs in the 2 hours show and among them, I like these performances.

Lote Lay – As this is the first performance and I like the dancing also.

Okay featuring Nge Nge – She’s always cool on stage. I like her style but the blouse made her look a bit fatter.

A Yin Lo (Just like Before) with Yee Mon – I just love that song.

A new song featuring Jenny – She is cute as usual. Too bad our camera’s memory card was full so we only got a few seconds of this performance.

Ma Nee Sat Chin – He tried his best in this performance but that lousy fan has to get up on the stage and hand him roses while he was performing while kneeling down on stage. At least he didn’t lose his concentration ‘cuz of her.

Nauk Sone..Min Nae (In the End…With You) – A special performance with Okkar Oo Thar playing the piano. Don’t like the song that much (sounds like a cross between Back at One and a song by Rain) but love the piano performance.

Ta Nay Nay Yauk Khae’ Yin (If Someday) – I never really liked this song ‘cuz it sounded too pop for me but I like the a capella performance with Ever Glade, who are the best harmony band in Myanmar.

Moe (Rain) – It’s probably the most famous song from his 2nd album. Another pop song but it’s quite addicting. Water fell on the stage while he was halfway through singing. That reminds me of Rain but it’s still was cool as I had never seen this kind of act before in Myanmar.

Hip-hop Law Ka A Twat (For the Hip-Hop World) with Chan Aye Win – No doubt I like this as I am a fan of CAW also. There were some guys dressed in hip-hop clothing standing behind me (and some were even wearing jackets while it was hot outside). They started pushing the crowd to go to the front when the song started. They probably seemed to think that song was dedicated to them. They performed another song with Htain Win which I don’t recognized as it only featured in Ye’ Lay’s demo album.

A Chit Yae Ta Nay Tar + 10 Second A Yuu Hta Chin (Crazy for 10 Seconds) feat. Izzani. My sister was surprised to see Izzani as she didn’t even how he looked him.

Baby Girl feat. L Loon War – It’s another new song feat a singer who have never featured in other hip-hop songs. I want to listen to it again.

I Don’t Know – This performance is special as the first verse was sang a kid who’s probably around 13 or 14 and later Ye’ Lay joined him.

Koe’ Yae Bat (My Side) – My fav Ye’ Lay song from his first album which he danced to with the dance group. The dance steps needs a bit improvement but still it was better than nothing.

I think over 1000 fans came to see this show as the place was crowded but not all fans were enthusiastic enough to wave their hands while he’s performing. I see a lot of teenage fans and even some little kids who came to see with their families.

My advice for Ye’ Lay is to watch his tongue while speaking to the fans as he used a few slang words (two actually) which sounded rude for me. He’s becoming more famous and he is now a teen idol. A lot of teens came to see his shows and half of the audience were female so he shouldn’t have used that slang word referring to his girlfriend as he was insulting the female at the same time. You might think I might be getting touchy but you weren’t there when girls started whispering to each other, did he really said? omg, he said that word. I too was shocked like them to hear my fav singer saying that in public to the audience.

My disappointment for this show was that it contains more pop songs than r&b and I was kinda hoping he will remix some of those songs to sound more like r&b but he just sang them as it is. Rebecca performed a pop duet with him but I rather listen to Baby Min Nae as it’s one of my fav r&b song (which is again pretty rare as hardly anybody sing them unless you count copy songs).

Pictures from the show


8 thoughts on “Ye’ Lay Concert

  1. And I thought I was getting so unpopular with no one to comment on my posts. Gee…thanks….

    Maybe you are right. I am getting old. I am too old to understand what the youths are up to. I am too old to overlook the fact that artists don’t gave a damn about the audience and give no damn respect to them. I am too old to understand why the audience love to throw water bottles to artists they dislike as they also have no respect. Perhaps, that’s they way it is. The artists and the audience don’t have any respects toward each other so they are suited for each other.

    Oh, btw…Ye’ Lay is the same age as me. And for god sake, singing SOME hip-hop songs don’t make one a hip-hop artist.

  2. hi U ye lay my name is EIEI par shin.
    i like all your music.
    and i very very like music title is “baby girl”
    thank you for any bye bye

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