Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

I’ve just finished watching Hanazakari no Kimitachi e aka Hana Kimi on Friday. I have to say this was one of the best jdorama I have watched and I felt like watching it back again right after I finished with my exam. Yeah, that exam has been getting on my nerves as it was the most important exam I have ever taken and yet I couldn’t get my mind of Hana Kimi. so I had to finished it before I go on studying with the exam.

~ Spoiler Alert~

This drama is about a girl enrolling in a boy school to meet her favorite idol and make him jump again. Sano used to jump but he quitted after he got injured and Mizuki blamed herself for getting him injured so she tried her best to get him jump again. She also shared the same room with him. Although disguising as a boy was difficult, she did a good job and get along with everyone. Her best friend was Nakatsu who fell in love with her even through he didn’t know she was a girl. Sano found out that she’s a girl but he didn’t say anything about it. There are 3 dorms in her school and she was with dorm 2 and every time they had a contest against other dorms, they pretty much won all the time. In the end, they all found out her identity but they still supported her even through there were some misunderstandings. She left the school but as she gradated from school and was no longer considered as a boy, Sano, finally, confessed his lover for her. (Well, it wasn’t much of a confession, just a hug, a kiss and saying that he will come after her next time.)

The main focus of this drama is the lead casts, Mizuki and Sano but the person who really stole attention was Nakatsu.

He reminds me of Yampai as I also started liking him after watching in Nobuta wo Produce. Now I have two favorite Japanese actors on my list, first is Yamapi and second is Ikuta Toma.

I have been a fan of  her ever since Nobuta and Kurosagi and she is just so kawai in Hana Kimi. Doesn’t this reminds you of the ending from Kurosagi when she points her finger at Yamapi and says “Bang”? I really want to watch Kurosagi movie.

I’ve watched him before in Hana Yori Dango and I never really liked him in there. Sorry fans but at that time, HYD was the first Jdrama I downloaded from the internet and I wasn’t used to seeing Japanese guys as I was more of a fan of Kdramas. And also I thought his appearance didn’t match with Hanazawa Rui from the manga. Now I will take back my word and watch back HYD 1 and then continue watching HYD 2 just to watch him again.

This drama is great not only because of the lead casts but also because of the rest of the casts such as Nanba Sempai, Sekime, Tennouji, Kayashima. etc.


3 thoughts on “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

  1. Hi!! I agree with you. I didn’t like Oguri Shun in HYD but then I watched HYD again and started to like his character after repeated watching..

    I am still in the middle of finishing Hana Kimi. I think it is interesting. I like the OST

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