Moe Paw Ko Khone Ka Lite Chin Tae

I went to see “I Want to Jump to the Sky” (Moe Paw Ko Khone Ka Lite Chin Tae) on Tuesday with my sister. We didn’t bother to make plans with anybody else ‘cuz it’s troublesome and we want to watch in the morning and my friends usually preferred to watch in the afternoon. My sister made booking so we get to sit in the middle row. The price used to be 800 kyats but it is now 1000 kyats. The movie started at 10:00 am so we arrived there 15 minutes early. I was surprised to see so many people coming out of the theater as 10 am is the earliest time movies are played but I think it must have been some kind of pre-show or something like that. It was already dark inside when we went into the theater although the movie hasn’t started yet. I hate it when I have to find my way in the dark.

The storyline of the movie is quite simple. Two identical twins got separated at an earlier age. One of them is Cherry Aye who lives with her mother and is the managing director of a cosmetic company. Another one is Padauk who lives with her father in Mingun and studies Myanmar tradition music. Her father is not mentally healthy so she worries about him. Cherry is interested in modern music and she chatted with Ye’ Lay (who is also named Ye’ Lay in the movie) via some sort of online program that I couldn’t identify and I doubt that they can chat like that in Myanmar, with the connection speed from here. Ye’ Lay was very interested in her and he learned her identify through the help of Htun Htun (who is also named Htun Htun in the movie) as he is a friend of Cherry. Anyway, Cherry met her twin sister one day and they decided not to reveal what they know to their parents as May Thin Zar Oo has a weak heart (I meant heart disease). Cherry wanted to meet her father so she switched places with her sister and went to Mingun. Later on, the two sisters meet each other again and switched places again as Padauk wanted to take care of her father who had to attend the hospital. Ye’ Lay thought Padauk was Cherry so he went to Mandalay and tried to swoon her which makes Nay Toe (who is also Nay Toe in the movie) angry as he was in love with her. They all found out the truth and their mother wasn’t that angry with her husband anymore. I thought that was the end, but no, the movie just continues until they sing the title song with Ye’ Lay rapping and Nay Toe playing Myanmar instruments, mixing traditional and western music (or whatever they wanted to show).

In the end, everyone lives happily ever after. (okay, I made that up)

I can’t believe I actually went to the theater to see this crappy film. There isn’t much story at all. I am at least glad Eindra Kyaw Zin isn’t called Oo Wae in the movie as they usually prefer to use real names in the movies instead of creating other names. I will be pretty surprised if anybody gets an academy awards from this film. The only thing I like in this movie is Eindra Kyaw Zin’s dressing styles as Cherry. Those clothing look nice on her but she shouldn’t have dyed her hair if she was going to act as twins ‘cuz Padauk is supposed to be dress traditionally most of the times.

I have read so many times in journals and newspaper about how the movie industry is suffering as many prefer home entertainment over coming to the theathers. Some say they need latest equipments for them to make great movie. Even if they have the latest technology and there are less censor, I doubt that they can still attract more viewers unless they do something with their script writing.

I can point out other mistakes or unrealistic events from the movie but I will keep those thoughts to myself for now.


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