City F.M Music Award Presentation Ceremony

The closest thing to a music award in Myanmar is City FM award which celebrated it’s 6th anniversary on Jan 5th, 2008. A lot of celebrities came dressed up in latest fashions such as evening gowns, suits, etc. The award ceremony included live show performances which will be released as vcd and dvd later on but they are usually late with the release. Last year’s vcd only came out a month ago and it was criticized as the worst City FM vcd released. Let’s hope this year’s performances are better than last year. I heard Thax Soe teamed up with Pho Chit, a traditional Myanmar dancer. I am not a fan of him anymore so I’m not really interested in it. I am only interested in seeing Sai Sai’s performance.

The voting for the awards are counted using the top ten charts, record sales and popularity rate as in how many times a singer or a song has been requested during the year, etc.

The award winners are:

Best Selling Myanmar Tune Music Producing Award : Myo ma Live Show Producer
Best Selling Album Producing Award : Excellent Creation (Sai Sai Birthday)
Best Selling Male Artist : Sai Sai Kham Hlaing
Best Selling Female Artist : Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein
Best Selling Female Artist (Myanmar Tune): Soe Sandar Htun
Most City FM Most Request Singer (Male) : R Zarni
Most City FM Most Request Singer (Female) : L Sai Zi
Most Successful Group -wise Singer Award : Black Hole

This is the second time Sai Sai , R Zarni and L Sai Zi won the awards twice in the role. Unlike Sai Sai, R Zarni and L Sai Zi havn’t released solo albums in a long time and they only featured in many of the collaboration albums but they will still awarded for their popularity among the Yangon audience. I hope other singers will get the award next year, for those who actually release solo albums.

Even through Sai Sai only got one award, he’s quite happy as his album “Sai Sai Birthday” and Black Hole, a new band who got chosen for their song “Tha Na Khar”, also received awards. Similar to last year’s winner, IMP who got chosen for “Face” song, their song became a hit ever since it was released. Sai Sai was the sponser who produced that album, “Hmar That A Khar Lae Hmar Pay Ma Pot” which is yet another but great collaboration album with Blackhole, Big Bag, the Ants and Antibiotic. As for PPKT, no comment but I do wonder which great song has she destroyed, I meant covered (or copied) for this year’s performance.

credit to ToMMyGiRL


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