My Exams

I took a train ride to Pyin Ma Nar at 12 pm on the 31st and arrived there after 8:30 pm. Since I got first class tickets, I was able to sit and study in comfort. A friend was also re-taking the exam again and she came along with her mother. It was good that her mother came ‘cuz she cooked for us while we studied and we didn’t need to worry about going out to eat. After we arrived to the train station, no one was there to welcome us so we had to get to the place by ourselves riding trishaws. They couldn’t come to welcome us as they had work to do and they thought we would be arriving late. We were giving a room near the stairs with one bed stand. Her mother and I slept on the bed while she slept on the floor. I felt bad so I suggested that they sleep together but she refused it.

The next day, we got up early to catch a ferry bus which will take us to Civil Board Ministry where we got our examination cards. The exams were on Saturday and Sunday. Myanmarsar was in the morning and English was in the afternoon. I did fine on Myanmarsar but I ran out of time in English as it took me an hour to write a draft translation. I should have written the essay first as I didn’t have much time to write in smoothly. Thanks to the notes my sister gave me, I was able to write about global warming but I didn’t practiced writing it in English beforehand so I had to translated what I’ve studied in Myanmar to English. The rest were easy for me but a lot of people hard troubles in summarizing the comprehension ‘cuz they weren’t used to summarizing stories. I was able to do that as I had to write book reports back in junior high and also I love writing summaries and synopsis on my blogs.

My friend didn’t do well on the exam so she was losing hope but she got better after talking to my mother on the phone. Funny thing was I barely got to talk to her that day and she didn’t even say much to me. She later told me that she knew I could do well so she talked to my friend instead. I was scared of General Knowledge ‘cuz I was worried that I will not do well but luckily I did well on the exam. I only had one trouble with the last question as I didn’t studied it at all. The G.K teacher mentioned several times that that subject could be asked in the exam but I didn’t studied it as it was way overdue to study about a month that has past already. Even through I didn’t studied it, I took a look at the paper once and I was able to write what I’ve know along with what I’ve read from the newspaper article which I had to practice translation at the tuition. Even through I did well, my friend didn’t do well again. This time, she could only answer half of the exam.

After the exam was over, I rested in the afternoon and went to the market to buy presents for my family. The next day, we left for Yangon riding the train again. I wanted to write the Naypyidaw express but the first class tickets were only available for the Mandalay express. Tthey wanted to ride in comfort so I had to ride Mandalay express which I disliked riding during my last time. The seats were comfortable all right but the passenger cars are so different from the ones from the Naypyidaw express. The toilet stank a lot and since I was seated near it, I had to ride the whole way with that smell which comes out often. I felt sick with the toilet smell so I only ate half of my lunch and sat closely near the window and tried to smell the fresh air. The scenery in pleasant and I love seeing little kids running after the trains in white and green uniforms. Some of the kids were smiling and waving to the train which passed by.

The toilet odor got worse after passing Bago so I switched seat near my friend while her mother sat somewhere in the back. We had a conversation about her future and her dream and I feel really bad for her ‘cuz she at least has a dream of what she wants to become but her parents won’t allow her to go abroad. She wasn’t really interested in becoming a government servant but her parents want her to take the exam so she tried to her best to fullfill their wishes. As for me, even through my parents want me to get this job, I’m doing this for myself and for my future.


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