Visit to Pearl Condo

I know the title is crappy but it’s better than “This Weekend”.

In the morning, my mother suggested that I should have my hair washed at a home beauty salon before the electricity went out. She usually disliked seeing my sister having hair wash pretty often so I was surprised to hear her suggestion. I followed her advice and went to the beauty salon. Afterward, I went to SYM’s house and chatted with her for a couple of minutes. I only stayed there for awhile as I had to buy HP’s 7th book as a farewell present for my sister’s student. Since she’s in Indo for now, she asked me to buy for her instead and give it to her. I went to Yankin Center and bought the book at City Mart. It has been awhile since I have last been to City Mart as I notice the new uniform the staffs are wearing and at the entrance of the market, a staff gave out recyclable bags to put in shopping bags. My sister used to disliked having to put her backpack into plastic bags whenever she went there but now I think she will like these recyclable bags. I saw a couple of Valentine English albums and mp3 at the music section. I was thinking of  buying the album mixed with English and Chinese duets but I know that I rarely listen to albums which I have bought as I listen to mp3 at work and I already have half of the songs from that album as mp3s. I didn’t bother to buy mp3 albums as I listen to kpop pretty more often than other songs.

After leaving City Mart, I was gonna leave via the back entrance but I remember that there was a dvd stall outside the center so I decided to check it out first to see whether I am Sam was available. I made the right decision as I found the dvd which I have been looking for at Hledan shops for a week now. My mother has been telling me that I bought too much kdrama dvds whenever she see me with new dramas so I had to hide it when I got home.

Ater lunch, I went to Pearl Condo to give the present to the kid. My sister gave her a book containing African fairy tales and short stories and I had been wanting to read it back so I was planning to ask the kid to return it if she wasn’t gonna bring it to Korea. But when I got there, her mother handed me my sis’s salary and a pack of dvds including kdrama and I decided not to ask for the book anymore. I’m sure the kid might enjoy reading the book as much as I did.

When I got home, I was pretty hungry so I ate laphet salad for snack and watched Nodame Cantabile drama on the computer. I wanted to watch I am Sam but I also want to watch Nodame at the same time so I’m gonna finish watching the jdrama first.


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