Sometimes people waste their money eating out, shopping, etc but when they are asked to donate money or give money to beggars, they rarely do that. I don’t mean you have to hand out money to every beggars you see on the street but it makes me feel angry sometimes to see people handing out 20, 50 or 100 kyats to old people. and they are the ones who don’t mind wasting money for fun but they can’t even spare some little money to donate.

I’m not trying to point my fingers at anyone ‘cuz sometimes I am included also. I don’t mind spending money on buying dvds but I don’t always donate my money. I only pick old people and some monks and nuns to donate my money. I have always been wanting to donate my money to an orphanage for my birthday but I never got the chance to do that as I always spend my money on treating my friends instead. It’s an obligation that I can’t avoid. I don’t like being given present only when I treat them ‘cuz I feel as if they are only giving them ‘cuz I treated them. That is why I tried to hand out my gifts exactly on their birthdays even when they aren’t prepared to treat me ‘cuz I only want to make them happy and I don’t want to expect anything from them. It’s their own choice to treat me or not.


One thought on “Donation

  1. i was on your last website “speaking out loud” and a song was being played on your site – if you don’t mind can you tell me who the group/artist(s) is/are?

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