Wedding Ceremony on Saturday

Our office was closed on Saturday due to our director’s wedding ceremony in the afternoon. It started at 12 noon so I did planned to go there early but once again, I was late and arrived at 1pm instead. I was a bit late going to the beauty salon and someone was already there when I got there. I rarely wear makeup at all but since it was a special occasion, I asked the lady there to apply makeup on me using the makeup my sister bought for me. I got home around 12:30 and ate lunch quickly and dress up. Luckily, my father was waiting to take me to the hotel so I arrived in time before the bride and groom come into the hall. The food were nothing special, just typical stuffs you see at wedding ceremonies except for that delicious slice of cheese cake.

After the wedding, we took photos and went to their place to get pocket money by putting gold chains in front of them before they pass into the house. It’s a tradition to do that at weddings and I don’t know the exact phrase to explain it well. Afterward, I went home and took a nap until 5pm. Then I have to dress again for the dinner party. I didn’t want to be late again this time but I was the first person to arrive at the place this time. The waiters didn’t start serving the food until 7pm and by that time I was glad to see any food on the table. The party ended around 9pm.


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