Happy 10th Anniversary Shinhwa!


I almost forgot that today is Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary day. I was so caught up in work and I only found out a few minutes. I intended to celebrate the day listening to their songs all day long but the new rule at work won’t allow me to listen to music with headphone.

Anyway, happy anniversary :). Can’t believe it’s 10 years already. I became their fan back in 2002 after watching their 1st live concert. At that time, my fav member was HyeSung ‘cuz I fell in love with his voice. His voice is still amazing but now my favorite is Minwoo. At that time, I was still naive with using the internet to download their songs and videos so I didn’t know much about them except the songs from the concert. Later on, I learned more about the internet and I found their albums online. After their 7th album was released, I have became a really big fan of them and I became to like all the members.

Their 9th album is gonna be released next month. I am looking forward to it. šŸ™‚

credit pic : Ma Yee Mon


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