Jumper at Naypyitaw Cinema

Naypyitaw cinema had started showing “Jumper” since last Friday. It was a holiday but I thought the place might be crowded so we decided to watch it on the weekend. My friend wanted to come along so we watched the first show at 10:00 am as she had to go to a clinic with her mother in the afternoon. The last time I saw an foreign movie at the theater was when I watched Superman and it wasn’t a good experience back then as I could barely hear the dialogues and I watched it at Thamada, which is the best cinema in town. Luckily, the sound system wasn’t poor like the last time so I heard about 90% of the dialogues perfectly well. Even through the special effects are cool, I don’t like the movie that much but it still was worth watching ‘cuz of Hayden :). When it comes out on dvd, I might watch it back once just to watch him again.

Afterward, we went to the ICT Exhibition at Tatmadaw Hall. My friend wanted to go there just to see her boyfriend and my sister wanted to check out the computer price rates. The place is extremely hot and so crowded with people. I really feel sorry for those who have to stay at the booths for the whole day. I met a couple of ex-workmates but I didn’t see anyone else. I kind of miss the old days when I usually bump into my friends who were positioned to stay at the booth or those who had come to look around. We only stayed for about 30 minutes and we escaped the heat by heading outside. We had lunch at a small shop nearby and I ordered laphat with rice plate. My friend ordered Shan noodle but she didn’t like her food so she ate half of what I ordered.

The rest of the day is just the same. I went home and waited for the electricity to come at 5 pm. Then I watched a couple episodes of Heroes and watched the Water Horse movie. The baby water horse was really cute and I love the scene when he runs from the dog. The ending reminds me of Free Willy.


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