April 10th

When I think of April 10, the first thing which comes in to my mind is “April 10, My Birthday, We went to the Pagoda, Oh….we were crazy (in love)”. That’s the translation of Sai Sai’s February Diary song. His birthday is today and he is 29 now. Wow…can’t believe he’s 29 already. He looks younger than his age. He will be having a concert at Hmaw Sin Island today to celebrate his birthday with his fans. I won’t be going again as I have nobody to go with. The ticket costs 5000 kyats so it seems like a waste of money before Thingyan. My brother said he rather go out during the festival than spend his money on the concert. I did tried the lucky draw from his website but I didn’t get chosen. I seem to have bad luck with lucky draws ‘cuz I never won anything.

Today is also the day when Hein Zaw from Acid, the first hip-hop band to debut in Myanmar, passed away. Sometimes I wonder if he was still alive, Acid songs might be better than current as now I have started to dislike them after listening to their recent releases.

The most important part about April 10 is that today is the day when I arrived in America 13 years ago. All I can remember about that time is that I arrived at night and some people bought fried noodle for us to eat but I couldn’t eat them as they tasted funny. For a couple of days, I always end up waking up at night as I wasn’t used to the different time zone.


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