Thingyan Vacation

Our office will be closed for 10 days starting from April 11 till April 20. Yay…I have been looking forward to this vacation ever since February. When I was younger, I always got excited about Thingyan ‘cuz I love throwing water to people from in front of my house. It was always fun to wait for cars to pass by and then someone will blow the whistle and ask the car to stop. The people on the car will prepare to cover themselves with towels and we will start throwing water at them with buckets and bowls. I never like going out to mandats or parading around the city. I’m too old to be playing with kids now but I wish I am younger again. Sometimes I was born a Rakhine so I can participate in their traditional Rakhine water festival. It looks like fun to see them throwing water to each other using the water from the long boats place between them.

My plan for this year Thingyan is

– On the 11th, I’ll be meeting with friends from NativeMM in front of FMI Center to go around for Bogyoke Market Thingyan.

– On the 13th, our family will be go to Bago in the morning and come back in the afternoon. I never been to Bago during Thingyan so I don’t know what the situation is like.

– For the rest of the days, I will be

–watching dramas at home. I won’t be able to finish Honey & Clover as I couldn’t download all of the episodes before the vacation starts. So I might watch Hana Yori Dango 2, 1 Liter of Tears or Legend (if I remember to download the subtitles).

–watching kpop performances and concerts which i got from Ma Yee Mon a few days ago.

–writing about my way overdue trip to Shan State during last year Thingyan. I wanted to write about it but I kept forgetting to do so later on.

–doing some translation about artists profiles for kpopmyanmar blog. One of the reason why I rarely post in English is that I am too busy writing in Myanmar. Someone has asked me to write about Big Bang and Wonder Girls. Another person wanted me to write about Super Junior so I did write about them yesterday but she might not be that happy with my writings as it was a bit on the negative side.


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