Trip to Bago

On April 12th our family went on a short trip to Bago. My father wanted to take some Thingyan photos and we all wanted to get out of the city for awhile. My brother went to the mandat so he didn’t join us. I invited SYM to go with us as she was also bored stuck at home. There wasn’t much water throwing activities in Bago proabably because they didn’t enough water or they decided to have fun in Yangon instead. We first went to Shwemawdaw Pagoda and have a short snack on the way out. I didn’t get to eat breakfast as the electricity went out when I woke up so I was starving at that time.

Shwemawdaw Pagoda

On the way to Shwetharlyaung, we saw a big buddha reclining image which was newly built. We thought it was Sein Tharlyaung but it was Mya Tharlyaung. It was too hot to walk without our shoes so we only took some photos and left quickly. I want to visit there again when the weather isn’t so hot.

Mya Tharlyaung

When we arrived at Shwetharlyaung Pagoda, it was really surprising to hear Zaw Paing’s Thingyan album played at the pagoda with loud speakers. At Shwemawdaw, I only heard prayers but at Shwetharlyaung, it was really out of place to play pop music at a pagoda. We ate lunch at the pagoda near the car parking lot. Usually we go on trips, we eat at the restaurants but this time, we brought lunch from home instead.

Mahar Pagoda

Next, we went to Mahar Pagoda and after that, we managed to convince my father to take us to Koe Thein Koe Than Pagoda. He didn’t want to go there as my aunt once experience something which I rather not write about as it’s hard to explain it in English. We saw a lot of motorcycles going the same way and they were going to the Shwe Gu Lay stream where they play in the dirty water and drink palm juice. It was too hot to walk and my feet were burning so I didn’t get much chance to check out other pagodas beside Koe Thein Koe Than.

Shwe Gyu Lay Stream

On the way out, my mother bought 3 lacquerware jars, 2 is pumpkin shaped and another is min goot fruit, I might use one of the pumpkin jars to put candies at work. She also bought some ripe ovid fruits (that’s what the dictionary said for ‘ma yan thee’) for me as I have been wanting to eat them for a long time. On the way out from Bago, we visited a pagoda which I think the name is Mahamuni …something.

Lacquerware Jars

It still was too early to go back home and my father said he’ll take a drive around the mandats near our home so in order to waste time, we stopped over at a restaurant to drink suger-cane juices. When we arrived in Yangon, my father drove to Kyauktawgyi Pagoda and there we spent another half an hour at the pagoda. I would have like to sit and watch the scenery from the top of the hills but my father didn’t put our shoes inside the front (our car is a public car) and I got worried about them so we went down immediately after coming up. Only my parents stayed on top.

Truthfully, I don’t like going to mandats and getting water splashed so I sat at the far corner of the car while the rest of them got splashed with water. I have lost my Thingyan spirit years ago so now I don’t think it’s fun anymore.

Note: Althought I put my name as watermarks on the photos, I only took the last picture of the lacquerware jars. The rest are taken by my sister and my father.


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