Myanmar Snacks

I was browsing through the photo albums in the computer and I found these which I have taken a long time ago but had forgotten to share them.

This one is my second favorite Myanmar snack, Laphat Salad or Laphat Thoke. This particular laphat thoke is special ‘cuz it’s by Yee Mon laphat and the fried appetizers (is that the correct word?) are bigger and crunchier than other laphat appetizers.

This one is called Moat Lait Pyar. Moat stands for snacks and Lait Pyar means butterfly. Maybe who ever named it thought the food looks like a butterfly but I don’t really see it. Anyway, it’s a delicious snack but I rarely get to eat them ‘cuz they aren’t sold in most places. I bought the above snacks at the pagoda festival and they can also be bought in City Mart sometimes.

This one is Shwe Htamin which means Golden Rice. I bought them along with Moat Lait Pyar and although they looked delicious, the rice was a bit hard to chew.


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