Forum Meeting before Thingyan

On the day before Thingyan Eve, I met with a couple of friends from Native Myanmar forum. I was supposed to meet them in front of FMI Center at 10 am. I am usually late to meetings so I was afraid of arriving late but when we got there, my sister and I are the only one who arrived first. They all came quite later. I should have come half an hour later ‘cuz that’s the standard time for our forum meetings.

While waiting near the gate of FMI, I saw a couple of people with spiked hairs and creepy clothing. I guess those punks are trying to show off again since they probably paid a lot of get those hairdo. I really wonder how they go to sleep at night with those spiky things sticking out from their hair.

Since no one else comes after 10:45 am, we went to Bogyoke Market first. There was nothing for me to buy and the market was pretty much empty as the market festival has already ended. After awhile, we decided to go to a restaurant at Yauk Road. On the way, we met Ko Lynn Seck and asked him to join us. He recommended a restaurant which is pretty nice for large groups to gather. It is a quiet restaurant and I liked the atmosphere at first. I ordered an ice coffee and we all ordered lunch a few minutes later. The drinks came first but the lunch took quite a long time to arrive. I was hungry at first but after drinking the ice coffee while waiting and chatting, I wasn’t that much hungry anymore so I only ate a little.

We must have spent around 2 to 3 hours at that restaurant. I know that’s a long time but it’s normal for meetings to take that long as we have so much to talk about. What really annoyed me was that during our conversation, the restaurant suddenly playing music at loud volume and I could barely hear what others were talking. They was either trying to cover up our conversation as we were discussing a certain hot topic from forum or that they were annoyed with us and wanted us to leave quickly. Whatever the reason is, it is still quite rude and I don’t want to go there again.


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